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May 23, 2018
Most Popular Weight Lifting Straps

This page contains our most popular best selling weight lifting straps. Great for heavy heavy lifting and competitions. You can customize a lot of these straps to pick your colors and other features. If you don't see something you're crazy about visit the main weight lifting straps page here with over 80 designs to choose from. Heck make your own design!


Hardcore Weight Lifting Straps - New DesignBad Ass Weight Lifting Straps

NEW logo design.

A selection of APT's BEST lifting straps.

Choose your design and colors and if you want wrist padding.


Want to know what the Pros use, your looking at them!!
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Mega Grip Weight Lifting StrapsDouble Flaming Skull Straps

APT's Mega Grip SR. 2" wide. DOUBLE FLAMING SKULL. Super tough and better than ever. Cotton built with a special grip material in the middle don't pass this set up, its the best of both worlds.

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Lee Priest StrapsLee Priest Autographed Straps

Lee Priest Lifting Cuff 1-1/2" wide set. This set is 1-1/2" wide and fits nice. Get your set Autographed right here with APT. Unbelievable set for pulling movements. Good for light to SUPER HEAVY.

Get More Information About The Lee Priest Lifting Straps

Pro Wrist Straps"Hell On The Hill" Pro Wrist Straps

Awesome custom set Official Lifting Strap of the Hell on the Hill Strongman Challenge and good for ALL kinds weight lifting. Cotton 1 inch" Pro Wrist Strap Set. Super all around set for heavy lifting.

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Motivator weight lifting strapsKevlar Motivator Flaming Skull Straps

This set my friends, is built with KEVLAR thread. No where else will you find this. Impress your lifting buddies. This is what it is all about, SUPER TOUGH.

Full Details For These Lifting Straps

Get your initials embroidedEmbroidered "MOTIVATOR"
w/Poly 1 inch

3 letters per strap, 6 total letters per set, 5 colors to choose from below. Great all around tough set. One of APT's Best sellers and used by the pros. 2" cotton webbing with a 1" Poly reinforcing webbing strap added. BASE-2" webbing is a thick dense tight weave cotton.

Awesome Straps
Pick Initials and Colors!

Lifting straps"MOTIVATOR" w/Poly 1 inch

Great all around tough set. One of APT's Best sellers and used by the pros. 2" cotton webbing with a 1" Poly reinforcing webbing strap added. BASE-2" webbing is a thick dense tight weave cotton. REINFORCING STRAP-1" poly medium weave webbing. Poly 1" adds roughly 400 pounds to set strap strength and offers more color options.

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