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May 25, 2024

Interview With Powerlifter Brian Carroll of Team Samson
As Published in Powerlifting USA

Interviewed by Mike Westerdal of CriticalBench.com - January 2009

Interview With Powerlifter Brian Carroll
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CRITICAL BENCH: Brian it's an honor to conduct this interview. I've seen you compete first hand a few times now and both times you had the highest total of the meet. Brian doesn't shy away from the competition. 2008 was a tremendous year for you. Could you break down your meets for us?

I am pretty happy with how this year went.

Jan- APF nc state meet 2458 @242 (1052 squat)
feb- Orlando pro- am 2450 @242
june - APF Seniors 2503 @242 (771 dead)
june- Team Intramural meet 2535 @242(242 APF total record)
aug- IPA pro- am 2570 @242(1050 squat and 785 bench)
Nov- WPC World bench press champion @ 242(bombed in full meet)
dec- APF Southern States 275 debut (4th 2500+ total in 6 months)

CRITICAL BENCH: How long have you been powerlifting? How did you first get started in the sport?

I did my first meet March of 03 and started training for it that January. I totaled 1752 @ 220 via 705, 424, 622. I had a friend tell me I was doing the meet, so I said ok and went and did it. Haha

CRITICAL BENCH: That's the way to start, just dive right in. What weight classes and federations have you competed in? Have you always competed equipped?

Mostly APF. I have done some WPO and one IPA meet. I have only competed in the 220, 242 and 275 pound weight classes. Yes my meets have always been geared. I have no desire to compete raw. The best competed geared, so that's where I choose to lift.

Team Critical Bench - Brian Carroll CRITICAL BENCH: What is your favorite lift out of the three and why?

For the longest time it was the squat. Now, I'm starting to really like benching. I have had my times of really liking the dead, but that just depends on how its moving at the time.

CRITICAL BENCH: What was your all-time favorite moment so far in your powerlifting career?

I would have to say my favorite was breaking the all time world record squat at the WPC worlds in 2006 with 1030 @ 220. I wanted to break it so bad for a while and was thrilled when I made it happen.

CRITICAL BENCH: I can see that being a huge emotional high. Brian, every lifter is different when it comes to getting motivated for a big lift. What goes through your head moments before you step on to the platform?

I just try to remember to keep my form and not get too crazy and screw the lift up.

CRITICAL BENCH: You train with Team Samson. Tell us about the atmosphere, what your teammates are like and what you've learned since you started training there. How did Team Samson Powerlifting start?

It's a great atmosphere where we train! My teammates are great to me and we have a very friendly, anything goes atmosphere. We all give each other so much crap, but we are there to better each other and we know that.

TSP started at the middle of 03 with Adam Driggers, Tony Garland, Brandon Tripp, and Shane Shepard. I joined shortly after in October of 03 and we became an official team around the end of the year.

CRITICAL BENCH: How important are your training partners? Could you have reached the level you are without them?

They are very very important to me. I couldn't even be close to where I am without them. No I couldn't do it without them.

Interview With Powerlifter Brian Carroll of Team Samson

CRITICAL BENCH: What does your training regiment consist of? Do you take any time off during the year? How many days a week do you train? All powerlifting or do you any bodybuilding exercises? Break it down for us, we're dieing to know!

Typically I train four days a week I train bench on Mondays and upper back on Wednesday , Thursday I train light chest and shoulders, Friday I train the squat and dead. The Wednesday and Thursday training sessions are more body building exercises, while Monday and Friday are the heavy days. I like to take 2 heavy days then follow it with a light day, that way I don't beat myself up too much.

You can follow my training log in the Critical Bench Muscle Forum. I keep a seperate log for each meet I enter to keep track of my own PRs and training.

CRITICAL BENCH: What are your best lifts in competition and in the gym?

Competition:1052 squat,733 bench and 771 dead.

Gym: 1100 squat, 750 bench and 800 dead.

CRITICAL BENCH: Holy mackerel. You're the 2nd ranked 242er of all time when it comes to your total. How hungry are you for the #1 spot? Any other records you are proud of?

I am very hungry for the #1 spot. I know that Greg and Jim are so tough and well rounded that I will have to be spot on to have a chance. I still have the WPC/APF world record for the 220 open squat, multiple junior world records in the WPC/APF and all of the Florida state records @ 242 except for the bench.

Interview With Powerlifter Brian Carroll of Team Samson
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CRITICAL BENCH: Impressive. This is an interview by Critical Bench and we are talking to a 700 Pound + Bench Presser. What tips or advice can you give the readers to give their bench presses a boost?

Train heavy and hard. Work every aspect of the lift. Off the chest, lockout etc. Keep plugging away, but at the same time, don't be scarred to change things if they stop working. Don't be too cool to take advice from anybody, especially top and experienced lifters.

CRITICAL BENCH: As a WPO competitor how do you feel about the USAPL taking over at the Arnold? What do you think is the biggest geared meet of the year that the best of the best compete at?

I feel that the USAPL is boring and I wouldn't want to watch the meet at the Arnold. The pro-am is the biggest and baddest around right now and it is going to be awesome in august. Louie does an awesome job with it and that's why it's such a huge success.

Brian Carroll and Girlfriend CRITICAL BENCH: Brian, use your crystal ball and look into the future 5-years from now. What is the all-time world record equipped and raw bench press?

Geared:1150, raw: around the same.. and Kennely will have both.

CRITICAL BENCH: What advice would you offer a young lifter wanting to get started in the sport that you wish you knew when you first started out?

Listen to the guys who know their stuff. Listen, listen and listen more. I hate new guys that don't want to listen, but act like they want to get better or bitch about their lifts not being top level in just one year of lifting.

CRITICAL BENCH: Powerlifting is still pretty much an underground sport. Do you like it this way or do you hope that one day its gets more exposure and becomes as popular as other extreme sports?

I don't like it being so underground. I hope that one day it gets to be a popular extreme sport!!!! It is such a great hobby/sport and It's a shame its not more mainstream and popular.

CRITICAL BENCH: If you could change one thing about the powerlifting community as a whole, what would it be?

Less complaining and crap on the net.

CRITICAL BENCH: What's your diet and nutrition regiment like? Do you take any supplements?

I eat often and not so clean. I eat lots of chicken, rice potatoes, beef, sandwiches, burritos, pasta, dairy products, and protein shakes.

I also supplement with Hypergain Creatine and Nitrogain. I have never had much success with a NO2 product or creatine, but my lifts are crazier than ever and I'm on both right now.

CRITICAL BENCH: We all feel at home in the gym around our peers, but how do people react in the outside world when you tell them you squat over a grand and bench over 700? Is it even worth explaining about equipment to someone who doesn't know what it is?

Brian Carroll at the OBB Meet I honestly don't like to discuss much about my lifting with people outside powerlifting. Lots of reasons for my stand on that, but mainly because so many people lie about what they actually can lift, so I don't want to sound like one of "those guys". I also don't like to sound like I'm bragging either. When they do hear what I lift, they do freak lol..

CRITICAL BENCH: What do you like to do away from the gym for fun?

I like to go to church, movies, go out to eat, go fishing and spend time with my friends and family.

CRITICAL BENCH: Random question Brian. As a massage therapist what kind of person or physique do you hate massaging the most, you must have a funny story about this?

I really dislike massaging beautiful women. It's a horrible thing… Nah one that is hard to work on is really tiny women who are very boney. I have fat hands and its hard to work on somebody who is mostly bone. I think the funniest thing to ever happen to me while working is a male client kept telling me as I was working on his back that "Brian.. your arms are so trememdous"… lol It was strange!!

CRITICAL BENCH: That's funny. What are your future goals Brian? Professionally, personally and in powerlifting.

I'm single. I would like to have a family some time soon. I turn 27 this month, so im not so young anymore. I do like massage for a living, but Its hard on the body and I know I can't do it forever, so I need to find my niche soon and I'm sure I will. As far as powerlifing, I want to hold the top spot @ 242 and eventually @ 275 before I cant do this any longer..

Interview With  Powerlifter Brian Carroll

CRITICAL BENCH: I don't think anyone doubts you can achieve whatever you want. What has powerlifting taught you about yourself and life? What motivates you to compete, why do you do it?

Powerlifting has taught me much humility and patience. It is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, especially when you train for a meet for 12 weeks and something doesn't go your way and you end up going home early after the squat.. I do it because I love it and want to be the best at it.

Brian Carroll Benching 749 LBS Dec 08

CRITICAL BENCH: Good luck at your next meet! Represent Florida powerlifting and kick some butt. Anyone else you would like to thank or anything else you'd like to say?

Thank you. I am ready for my next meet and we will be representing Florida for sure.

I would like to thank Jesus for keeping TSP safe all the years training and at the meets. I would like to thank John Inzer for all his help and gear. Inzer you are incredible. I would like to thank Critical Bench for all the help as well and I'm looking forward to working with Critical Bench in the future.

Thank you Adam, Clint, Tony, Daniel, travis, tim, and all the rest of team Samson. Adam has always provided the best possible place to train and we are all forever grateful to him. Thank you Frankl, Rick Hussey and all of big iron for their help with the bench. Rob you have been a big help as well. Hook, Byrd and all my other very close friends I have made through powerlifing. Thank you Lester for all you have done too.

I wouldn't trade my last 5 years that I spent powerlifting and traveling for anything. Thank you to everyone who has supported or helped me at one time or another, whether it be a donation or a ride to or from the airport etc. Thank you so much!


Brian Carroll & Clint Smith Bench Workout - Jan 09



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