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February 9, 2023

Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 1
By Mike Westerdal of Criticalbench.com

Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 1

What do you think the most important thing that somebody has to take into consideration when they are looking for a gym to get started in?

Convenience is the biggest factor when deciding on which gym to become a member at. So many people get motivated and wanted to do the gym, they join the gym and then they workout for a month or two and they drop off and we never see them again until the holidays. Actually after the holidays in the new year resolution time! It's helpful to find a gym near your house or work. Alot of people find packing a gym and heading off to the gym after work. This can be effective only if you get yourself there instead of going home first. Chances are, if you go home, you won't make it to the gym. But overall, finding a gym the is conveniently located for you is the way to go!

Another thing lot of people do is waking up extra early and I know you do your best at 3am this morning right?

Yes, but the hard part is getting yourself used to the routine. It will def give you more energy throughout your day and motivates you to have a healthy diet the entire day. The benefit of early morning workouts is not having to still go to the gym after a long hard day at work.

Is there any way of changing my membership once I have committed to a particular contract? Or is there anyway to negotiate my rate down or find a way to get more value for my membership from what I have right now?

It is possible in a few ways. Occasionally the current rate could be cheaper then what you are paying so by resigning the contract, or 'renewing' it, you can get at the new rate. But most of the time, by renewing, it also means that you are extending your contract too!

Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 1

Another way to change your rate or contract is to pay alittle visit to one of the sales reps towards the end of the month. In most cases, they haven't yet met their monthly quota and they are willing to help you as much as they can. Lastly, you could also consider bringing in some friends for a trial and asking the sales rep 'what can you do for me' once your friends decide to join. Current memebers should always benefit from referrals!

Also explore what your medical insurance offers for health clubs. Sometimes it offers lower membership rates or a yearly reimbursement.

What are some of the marketing tactics gyms and healthclubs use to bring people in the door?

First, to spread awareness, commercials and newpaper ads are used to get the word out on the streets. Secondly, you could find that they are offering a special 'friends and family' rate or even a corporate discount. Basically the overall goal is to get people through the door and then allow the sales strategies take over!

Do all gyms and health clubs require a process for possible future members to go through before they even decide whether or not they are joining that day?

Yes, almost all gyms and health clubs have a process for all new possible new members. The standard process is determining your needs, taking a tour, pricing and then trying to overcome your objectives.

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