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February 9, 2023

Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 2
By Mike Westerdal of Criticalbench.com

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Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 2

In Part 1 of "Gym Sales Secrets Revealed" we discussed some great tips for people to get the most out of their membership. In the past, I was one of those 'membership reps'. I now hope to help other people getting all the correct information when deciding on purchasing a gym membership.

Here is another point that I want to bring up. It is actually pretty important when you go into the club to meet the gym person to have your pocket or purse a little uptight. I will admit that the sales rep is definately striving to close the sale but reluctantly they actually do care about your health and would love to see you working out at their club.

Always remember that their are usually different memberships to suit different peoples needs.

Its important to learn the differences in joining fees and understanding the duration of your membership contract. When the sales rep is asking numerous questions, don't be afraid to answer honestly because you could qualify for that 'special' rate for your occupation or something else relevant.

Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 2

In most cases, if there are at least 5 or more people from the same corporation then a group rate or coporate discount should be available. Also, your medical insurance could also have a specific discount that could apply. Always explore all options.

The questioning from the sales rep are ALL repetitive. You really aren't any different than the person who toured one hour before you. I will admit their are particular questions asked purposely to find the objective and its the sales reps' job to overcome it and get you to join.

One of the biggest and most obvious objectives to joining a gym is: "I want to talk it over with my spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife". Sales reps are trained to overcome that objective by trying to simply the fact that your loved one is 'supportive' of your health and workout schedule. Its your job to stand up for yourself and do what YOU want to.

Next if you arrive to the point when the rep asks you if you would like a trial membership to test the facility, your in the clear from any more pressure.

Is the focus really on making the sale right there?

Gym Sales Secrets Exposed Part 2 Yes. A low percentage of people actually go back and join the club. If you don't join then, when else would you? Besides, everyone will have a grace period where they can cancel without any problems. Make if you are hesitant at all when joinging, find out the amount of time you have to change your mind and cancel the contract.

What exactly are all these fees?

Unfortunately most gyms and health clubs have joining fees, activation fees, processing fees, etc. They all have different names but they are all just another way for the company to make more money. There are ways around them. You could hit a sale where they are elimating the joining fee for a day. Helpful hint: exploring pricing at the end of the month increases your chances of less money down and possibly a lower rate. Or some places offer to waive the fees if you paid in full for at least 1 year or even 2. Just remember in the world of sales, EVERYTHING is negotiable!

If you decide to go forth in purchasing a 1 or 2 year membership make sure that you understand the restrictions on cancellations. Some clubs can be very strict and will not allow you to break your contract under any circumstances. Also, find out if there are any fees that kick in when interested in breaking your contract in the future. This is where companies really like to jack up the cost.

Overall, deciding on which gym to join really isn't all that bad. Convenience and location always wins for people and living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important. Once you get started hopefully you'll never give up! Good luck!

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