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October 4, 2023

How to Get Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight
By Jonas Forsberg

How to Get Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

For all of my American friends, the Holiday period has already started with Thanksgiving in mind. But it is not too late to come out on the safe and positive side after this horrible period is over. Just kidding, the Holidays are wonderful, but horrible for people who are trying to stay in shape! When the Holidays are approaching, we often tell ourselves: I am not going to allow myself to gain weight during this period, I am going to make good food choices and keep visiting the gym 3-4 times a week during this period, and so on...

Do you recognize that? Is it not funny how we always tell ourselves that, but almost every year, we make the same mistakes as the previous one? I have been lucky for basically my whole life since I have been a sport freak, playing all different types sports all year long. We even played ice hockey on Christmas Eve for like 10 years in a row. But hey, time is catching up. I am not playing actively anymore, and not half as often as I used to, so you are not alone by telling yourself that: this year, I am going to stay in shape throughout the whole Holiday period... I mean, the biggest problems we come across when facing the holiday spirit is to move our butts and get some work done in the gym. Believe me, been there, done that!

And how easy is it not to fall for the temptations at the Christmas dinner table, where you have all your relatives and friends pointing out how little food you have on your plate, and comments like: are you on a diet? 8 out of 10 times, you got uncle Dave weighing 300 lbs next to you, and he is definitely one of those who comment on your plate size and whether you are dieting or not! Lets be honest, no one wants to admit that they are on a diet. Because when they do, people start saying: you should enjoy life, and food is God's gift from heaven. Recognize yourself in this? I know I do. These stories could basically have been taken straight from my familys Christmas dinners.

How to Get Through the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

So what you are waiting for right now is me giving you tips on how to avoid overeating at Holiday parties, but fact is, I am not. I am going to tell you to eat just as much as you like, hey, you could even unbuckle that belt of yours! You see, some tips to how you could avoid overeating at dinner parties include drinking a huge glass of water, green tea, a fist of almonds, etc. By all means, use those tricks if you like, but they are not whats going to make the difference in this case.

The difference is exercise, and a certain type of exercise. As I mentioned earlier, going to the gym during the December period is extremely challenging, and it is no wonder the gyms are a lot less crowded during this period! What if I told you that all you need is right there in your own home?

No expensive and fancy cardio equipment, and no fitness balls. The only you thing you do need is some type of chin-up bar (you may even have one installed outside your front door, at a playground?) And the 10-15 min ride it usually takes to get to the gym, that is all you need for the workout! What do you think of that, sounds like a good solution? So make a change for once, do not gain fat during the Holidays, lose fat instead!

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