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About Jonas Forsberg

Jonas Forsberg - Swedish Fitness Expert Jonas Forsberg is a Swedish Fitness Expert with years of experience in rehabilitation and physical training, and a background as an elite soccer athlete at the highest level in Sweden.

Jonas was an extremely talented soccer player on his way to the youth national team, but an ACL injury at the camp before the national team was to be announced, put his dreams on hold.

He came back from his injury and played at the highest national level for 18-year-old players in Sweden and his team made it to the Quarterfinal of the Swedish Championship, where they lost on penalties against the team who later was presented as the best team in Sweden after winning the final.

His ACL injury put him in the weight room, and since that day, his strongest desire has been to help others avoid making the same mistakes he made. A few years back he took his knowledge to the next level by studying Exercise Science in New York, and was during that period able to study and work with trainers and coaches involved with players from the NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Today, Jonas is the author of Burn Fat at Home - an intense home workout program that helps people lose ugly belly fat and build sexy muscles in as little as 12 min per workout - with a very small amount of equipment!

If you think you got what it takes, then grab a copy of Jonas' athletic inspired Burn Fat at Home at http://BurnFatAtHome.com

Jonas Forsberg

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FREE eBook by Jonas Forgsberg

Burn Fat At Home Sample Program Burn Fat At Home - Sample Program

Burn Fat at Home: Sample Program is not the regular type of report you often get when you arrive at different websites.

This sample program is taken directly from the original program and includes: 3 workouts (1 for each level of experience), 8 unique nutrition tips, and 1 powerful quote we all should reflect on before starting a workout program.

So instead of the regular “information-overload” type of report filled with theory, here you get a report to take action on RIGHT NOW!

Experience the power of Burn Fat at Home yourself!



Another FREE eBook by Jonas

The Bodyweight Holiday SystemThe Bodyweight Holiday System

Researchers are saying that the average person gains between 1-10 lbs (depending on study you choose to believe) during the Holiday season. Bottom line is, you gain weight during this period, and for most people, it definitely isn't lean muscle mass - it's ugly fat.

This program will help you get rid of that ugly belly fat and stop yourself from gaining weight during the Holiday period. The program is a bodyweight program consisting of 12 unique workouts that you will be able to perform in the comfort of your own home, and all you need is some type of chin-up bar.

The workouts take between 10-15 min to perform, which means you still have hours to run around in stores buying all those Christmas gifts.

Download The Bodyweight Holiday System now!



Jonas Forsberg's eBook

Burn Fat At Home - The Manual

Find Out How a Studio Manager From the TV Industry Lost 2,5 Inches of Belly Fat in 2,5 weeks, by Only Working Out 60 min Per Week! Here's What You'll Learn, Including:

    Burn Fat At Home

  • Preparations before starting the program

  • A description on when and where to perform the program.

  • What certain tools I recommend to fire up your workouts.

  • What Burn Fat at Home really is and what training methods it is based around.

  • A total of 15 weeks of rigorously and detailed planned workouts, starting from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced Level.

  • A challenge I created for you to compete with others!

  • FAQ section with all the most common questions that will take you one step closer towards your new life.

More About Burn Fat At Home - The Manual



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