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February 9, 2023

The Problem with Workout Machines
By Jonas Forsberg

The Problem with Workout Machines

There are really several major issues with working out in machines. In this article, Iíll give you two:

One Size Does Not Fit All

We are all different. We have our own height, our own shape and our own weight - and thatís just on the outside!

Machines are all the same.

They are created to fit everyone. But how is that possible? Everyone has a unique composition and no machine is going to be able to accommodate that.

Maybe we can all work out on the same machine, but just because we go through the motions doesnít mean we are actually accomplishing anything.

The Problem with Workout Machines

Imbalance is Never Good

Imbalance causes injuries. I, myself, have experienced this first-hand. Training on machines causes imbalance. How?

Because machines do most of the work for you, your large muscle groups are getting a workout while all the other muscles (small stabilizing muscles) that you use in your day-to-day activities are doing nothing.

It is when these training methods go on for an extended period of time that imbalance injuries become very likely because some muscles become well-developed and others do not.

Compound exercises are the key here. They target many muscle groups at the same time, not only keeping your body in balance and functional, but giving it that healthy, ripped look as well!

So get away from those machines and aim for bodyweight and free weight exercises!

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