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December 6, 2023

Focus On The Quality Of Your Workout
By Jonas Forsberg

Focus On The Quality Of Your Workout

Just yesterday, I read an article talking about how many calories you can burn doing this activity and how many calories you can burn doing that activity.

This only proceeded to remind me again that we need to reevaluate what we are focusing on in our workouts - the duration of the workout or the intensity? The quantity or the quality?

By now I think you know the answer - quality, Quality, QUALITY!

High intensity training, such as interval or sprint training, is far more effective than doing moderate exercise for 1 hour. This is because after your 1 hour of moderate exercise, you are done burning calories from your workout.

But with high intensity training, you will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours AFTER your workout - even in your sleep! It’s almost like the high intensity training puts your body into calorie-burning autopilot mode, and it is due to the fact that the harder your body works out, the longer it takes for it to recover afterward.

Focus On The Quality Of Your Workout

Trainer Alan Aragon sums it up by saying “Caring how much fat is burned during training makes as much sense as caring how much muscle is built during training.”

What he is saying is that when you do weight training, your muscles are basically broken down and if we would look at the muscles built during each session, then we would find that it’s not a good idea to do weight training.

But … when we look at the results that take place 24-48 hours afterward… that is when we see the results and the increase in muscle mass! And the same goes for calories!

I hope that after reading this you realize how ridiculous it is to focus on calories burned during a session, when there are so many calories waiting to be burned after your intense workout! And your intense workout only has to last 20 minutes at the most!

The bottom line? High intensity training gives you better results AND more time to spend with friends and family! Who can complain about that?

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