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May 25, 2024

Interview With Powerlifter David Delisle
Interviewed by Ben Tatar of CriticalBench.com - May 2010

Interview With Powerlifter David Delisle

Critical Bench: David, tell Critical Bench readers about yourself:

My name is David Delisle. I grew up in Tewksbury Massachusetts; I am a proud father of my 8yr old son Johnathan, and 4 month old daughter Adrianna. I love lifting and spending time with my family.

Critical Bench: How did you get interested in power lifting?

I got interested into power lifting mainly by starting to lift weight at the age of 12 and watching older guys lift heavy weights.

Critical Bench: I heard you just hit a world record in the bench press, benching 505lbs raw at 220lbs. What was that like?

It was a great feeling and I am looking forward to breaking a lot more records! To my family and friends, thank you very much for all your support.

Critical Bench: Was setting a world record in the bench press what you imagined it to be?

Honestly guys it was a lot better than I ever imagined. People looked at me like I was famous and they asked me all these questions and the younger crowd looked up to me. It was a great feeling!

Critical Bench: How did you celebrate after setting a world record?

I celebrated by coming home with my family. I went out to dinner with my kids and future wife!

Interview With Powerlifter David Delisle

Critical Bench: How have people reacted to your new world record?

A lot of people respect the lift and as of any sport you have a lot of negative feedback but it's ok, it drives me to work that much harder and to keep breaking future records.

Critical Bench: What is next for you?

Next for me is going to be 585 raw at my meet in March.

Critical Bench: Tell us a little bit about the first time you ever benched 135, 225, 315, 405 and 500?

When I first benched 135 it was kind of depressing because I was watching all the older kids benching a lot more. I didn't think I would ever get to their level but as the plates kept going on I kept getting a lot more relaxed with myself. The first time I hit 500 I felt like I was on cloud nine. I'm 25 yrs old with a 500 raw, oh my god that's crazy! Lol! But I have a long way to be where I want to be.

Critical Bench: What are some of your tips for a bigger bench?

The biggest things to increase a bigger bench are boards, chains, a lot of tricep workouts, heavy push downs, skull crushers and close grip benches.

Critical Bench: Give us your bench routine?

On Fridays I do speed workouts, which means 75 percent of my max for reps. I use bands and chains, all at high reps.

Critical Bench: What do you like doing away from benching?

I love to squat but my other favorite is dead lifting.

Critical Bench: What is your advice for all the high school kids and folks who would one day like to bench at least double of what they are benching now?

Patience and hard work!

Critical Bench: What is your mindset during competition day? What is your mindset before benching a personal best?

My mindset is just to lie down on the bench and win this competition!

Interview With Powerlifter David Delisle

Critical Bench: What is the best and worst advice ever given to you?

I would say the best advice I ever got was from my friend mike who told me to never listen or pay attention to anyone else's lift. Pay attention to my own and which sounds stupid but it helped me a lot! The worst advice I ever got was someone told me to change my bench routine and I said why change my routine when it works.

Critical Bench: What is your favorite bench press assistance exercise?

Flat barbell press.

Critical Bench: Do you have any bench press pointers that don't get addressed enough?

Everyone says you don't tuck your elbows when you bench. I'm telling you and whomever is listening to tuck your elbows, bring your grip in a little bit to get the strain off the shoulders and work at arching the back.

Critical Bench: What are your favorite supplements?

Amino acids, multi-vitamins and creatine.

Critical Bench: Why do you like being a full power lifting competitor instead of just a bench presser?

I love to bang around heavy weight and just benching is not as exciting.

Critical Bench: How are you going to remember your power lifting journey and what's your favorite part about being a power lifter?

My favorite part of being a power lifter is everyone respecting the sport and to be good at this sport you have to be extremely strong!

Critical Bench: Anything else you would like to say?

I would love to thank my sponsor's, Gorilla Pit Team, Ripped Fitness, my friends Carl, Paul and Mike and all the guys at the gym that helped me achieve my goals. Also critical bench for giving me this interview, thanks guys!


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