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August 28, 2010

How To Keep Your Butt From Raising Off The Bench
By Lee Hayward

How To Keep Your Butt From Raising Off The Bench


Hi Lee,

I just finished the three week Blast Your Bench program. When I started the program I had a max bench of 205. When I re-tested my 1 rep max after I finished the program I lifted 235 and felt strong, but my butt came off the bench. I tried going down to 230, and the same thing happened. I felt strong, but around the mid point I had to pick my butt up to finish the lift. I didnít need the spotter at all, I just couldnít keep my butt down.

I want to thank you for helping me gain 30 lbs on my bench press in three weeks, this way exceeded my expectations. But I also would like to know what I can do to keep my butt down during heavy lifts?

Thanks for the great program!
John Luhrsen


Hi John,

Congrats on gaining 30 lbs. on your max bench press. That's very good progress for 3 weeks of training!

When you strain and lift max weights there is a natural tendency for your butt to come off the bench. But by working on your technique you can over come this problem.

1. Put your feet out far in front of you so that you can drive your feet into the floor, but you'll be driving back and not up, so your butt will not lift off the bench.

2. Tuck your feet under the bench and position yourself so the knees are out over the toes. This way when you drive into the floor with your feet you'll get a solid base, but your butt will stay down on the bench.

Bench Press Foot Position

In these positions you can drive hard with your feet, but your butt will not rise up. You'll have to experiment and see which works best for you. I personally prefer to tuck my feet under the bench as is shown in the second pic.

Another thing to consider is the bench itself. If the bench is too low then it's more likely that your butt will come off the bench.

I've literally seen some taller lifters using a low bench and get set up in position with their feet tucked, etc. and due to the length of their legs their butt is already off the bench before they even start the lift. So switching to a higher bench can help you keep your butt on the bench at all times.



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