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April 16, 2021

How To Choose Between A Recumbent
Or Upright Exercise Bike

By Scott Gray

How To Choose Between A Recumbent Or Upright Exercise Bike

No matter what your fitness level, an exercise bike can have extraordinary health benefits. Whether you are looking to reduce belly fat or improve cardiovascular health, an exercise bike is a great addition to your home gym. Once you have decided to purchase an exercise bike to add to your home gym, you have some choices to make. The first decision you will need to make is to choose between a recumbent or upright exercise bike. There are a couple of factors that you can consider to make this decision easier for you. Ask yourself the following questions to decide which type is right for your home gym.

How much space is available? If you have a room completely dedicated to your home gym, you probably have more space available than if you are putting your bike in the corner of a living room or bedroom. Upright exercise bikes take up less space than their recumbent counterparts. If space is a consideration for you, take measurements of the space you will be using and bring it with you when you shop for an exercise bike. You certainly don't want to feel cramped or crowded while you are trying to work out.

Do you have special health considerations? You may know that using an exercise bike is generally easier on your joints than other forms of aerobic activity. If you have specific concerns regarding your joints, or a history of back trouble, you should consider a recumbent bike for its comfort and ease of use. Recumbent bikes are also made with pedals for your hands instead of feet, if you have trouble using your legs. These bikes are easy to use while still providing a tremendous workout.

How To Choose Between A Recumbent Or Upright Exercise Bike

Which style do you prefer? Consistency in working out is key if you plan to get 6 pack abs. Using exercise equipment that you don't like is not the best way to keep yourself motivated and working hard. The best way to know which bike you will enjoy most is to try out many different styles and brands. When you test drive an exercise bike, don't just sit on the bike and pedal a time or two. Have a sales representative walk you through adjusting the bike for optimal comfort. Find out how resistance is created, whether magnetic or manual, and learn how to use the different features of the bike. Complete a mini-workout of 5-10 minutes to get an idea of how a full workout on the exercise bike would feel. The best way to know how you will feel about a recumbent or upright exercise bike is by having enough experience with both to make the best decision.

Every individual has different workout needs and goals that they need met when they shop for exercise equipment. Pay attention to your space requirements, health considerations, and personal preferences when you shop for the perfect exercise bike. Make the most out of your equipment purchase by deciding which type of exercise bike will help you meet your fitness goals.

About the Author:

Scott Gray is currently a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast who enjoys providing fitness tips to consumers. He maintains a fitness web site where you can find tips for getting in shape, losing belly fat and getting 6 pack abs.

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