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August 28, 2010

Why Do You Workout and What is Your Fitness Inspiration?
By Lee Hayward

Why Do You Workout and What is Your Fitness Inspiration?

By just being here and reading this article right now you have taken an important step in the right direction towards achieving your fat loss and muscle building goals. We all want to have the perfect body, but as you know most people just "hope" that someday they'll get around to losing the fat and getting in shape. However, you are actually taking action and looking for a solution. So for that I have a lot of respect for you and what you are trying to achieve.

Now with that being said, there is no shortage of "fitness solutions". Heck, a single google search on how to lose fat or how to build muscle will bring up literally millions of results. And here in my articles I share some of my very best "How To" tips with regards to proper weight training, cardio, eating, supplementation, etc. that you'll need to follow in order to transform your physique.

But knowing what to do isn't enough. Let's face it everyone knows "What To Do" to some extent. We all know that we should exercise regularly, that we should eat a healthy diet, that we should drink plenty of water, and all that stuff. But how many people have the fitness motivation to actually do it?

You need to have a big enough reason "Why" you want to be lean, fit, athletic, and muscular in order to have the motivation and determination to do all the "How To" stuff to begin with, and then actually stick to your program over the long term so that you achieve your fitness goals.

Why Do You Workout and What is Your Fitness Inspiration?

Why Do You Want To Burn Bodyfat, Gain Lean Muscle, And Transform Your Body?

Here is an important exercise that you can do RIGHT NOW that will help move you even closer towards achieving the body of your dreams.

Open up a new word processing document on your computer right now and just jot down at least a dozen reasons for why you want to get in your best shape ever. And get real honest with yourself, what are those deep emotional and often irrational selfish reasons that you have for wanting to get in great shape?

Very often the logical and practical ones like: it will improve my health, lower my blood pressure, lower my cholesterol, reduce my risk of heart disease, etc. are not the "hot buttons" that will move you to action. No one really gets excited and passionate about lowering your cholesterol (unless your doctor says it is dangerously high and you are in risk of serious health issues).

But most everyone would get excited about the idea of being able to take your shirt off and feel proud of how your body looks, rather then worrying about a soft flabby gut hanging over your belt.

Imagine having the type of body that commands attention and respect everywhere you go, that causes people to stop do a double take when you walk by because you are in such good shape. Picture how good it will feel to get the attention from the opposite sex and have them hit on you (rather then the other way around :-). And how cool would it be to be one of the fittest guys in the gym and have people complementing you on how good you look and then asking YOU for training advice?

Why Do You Workout and What is Your Fitness Inspiration?

We all have our own reasons for why we want to get in shape, often times the real motivating ones feel so silly and foolish that we wouldn't even tell anyone about them. But those are the ones that will actually keep you on track, help you stick to your plan and follow through. So take a few minutes right now and think about what those reasons are for you.

Think of all the benefits you'll experience from being lean and ripped. Maybe it is so you can fit your your old clothes again. Or so you can go out and buy new clothes that will highlight your new athletic physique. Or maybe it has nothing to do with the clothes and you just want to look good naked. Imagine how awesome it would feel to get "intimate" with that special someone while sporting a lean muscular body with a trim waist and visible 6-pack abs!

And also think of all the negative things you'll move away from. Maybe it is the embarrassments and frustrations you'll avoid. Maybe it is to never have anyone make fun of you for being fat and out of shape ever again. Maybe it is to avoid feeling self conscious and inadequate compared to the more athletic guys at the gym. Maybe it is your way of getting back at someone and getting your revenge, or to make an ex-girl friend jealous for leaving you (that's one I heard about recently).

Why Do You Workout and What is Your Fitness Inspiration?

Whatever it is, write it down. You don't have to share this with anyone but keep it for yourself and review it on a regular basis. Use the carrot and the stick so that you have every possible motivating factor working to your advantage and pushing you towards achieving the body of your dreams.

Psychologists have proven over and over again that the reason for doing something is much more powerful than how you get to the job done. If you have a strong enough reason WHY you want to burn fat, gain muscle, and transform your body then you will find a way to do it. It's as simple as that.

Obviously, you probably already have an idea of what some of the motivating factors are right now. Otherwise you wouldn't even be hear and reading this article right now. But take the time to write them down and make them even more clear and specific. Then review this daily, tweak it, and refine it so that you know EXACTLY what you want, and also know what you DON'T want when it comes to achieving your best body ever!



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