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About Chad "The Power" Howse

Chad Power Howse As you can see, I didnít always appear just like the man on the right. For most of my entire life I looked like the dude on the left (also me): the skinny dweeb who couldnít get a date if his life depended on it. I was Thin, and I lacked the self-confidence that I should have had around women as well as in athletics. Furthermore, I lacked the various tools I needed to genuinely do well in athletics.

I had a few difficulties: for one, I didnít look the part of a confident successful athlete, and even though I had success in sports activities - playing elite hockey, university basketball, and eventually boxing - I wasnít at the exact same level physically as the top guys in each sport. I was always skinnier, and weaker than everyone.

I looked like a skinny tiny kid even in college, which didnít help a great deal socially. It wasnít that I didnít train hard enough - I was training six or seven days per week - nevertheless the outcomes hardly ever came. After failing for 7 years, trying system after system, I eventually met the guy whoíd set me right by providing me with the exercising techniques, concepts, and the system that would launch me to gaining 32 lbs of lean, athletic, and powerful muscle in only 32 weeks.

I have seen first-hand the change during my life that constructing 32 lbs of lean muscle in thirty-two weeks has provided me. The confidence both in how I appear and how I function. The ability to talk to girls without having to be so self-conscious, and even the opportunity to live life as it ought to be lived: lacking the hesitation and shyness that came with my once freakishly skinny body.

Chad Howse Building Lean Athletic Muscle I have also gone through the aggravation of attempting and screwing up time and time again at developing muscle as well as enhancing my athleticism. And thatís exactly what I desire to help you - the readerís of this site - with.

Donít want to always spend seven annoying years trying to find the right strategy like I did. I want to provide you with the tools to start creating a strong physique as well as a stronger life today.

Like I said: Iíve observed exactly how transforming into a much more muscular and more athletic man might help someone also become a more confident person. How building a physique youíre happy with can bring out your true self and assist you to build a lifestyle that youíre proud of as well. Iíve seen it in the mirror. Iíve seen this lanky, unconfident goof change into the human being I am today. Still having insecurities, but proud of the direction Iím heading in and the life Iím producing.

What Youíll Find In My Section

Muscle-Building tips that will help you acquire lean, athletic muscle mass As Fast As Possible.

Training tips that will help you improve strength, speed, power, and overall athleticism.

Planning, goal-setting, training, nutrition, and motivation strategies.

As well as a ton of other content created to help you become an Ironman in all aspects of your life.

Critical Bench has built an online community here with many different extremely knowledgeable readerís who provide great comments on the articles, so feel free to put your two cents in as frequently as possible.

Iím excited to begin helping you become an Iron Man.

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The Power Howse Challenge

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