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July 18, 2024
Gotu Kola Review & Information
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Gotu Kola Supplement Guide: A Slender, Creeping Plant

Gotu Kola Supplement Review and Guide

What is it and where does it come from?

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is a slender, creeping plant that grows commonly in swampy areas of India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, South Africa and the tropics. The leaves are fan shaped and are about the size of an old British penny. It is also known as Indian pennywort, marsh penny, water pennywort, white rot, thick-leaved pennywort, hydrocotyle, Indian water navelwort, and talepetrako. Gotu Kola should not be confused with kola nut (Cola nitida). Kola nut is an active ingredient in Coca Cola and contains caffeine. Gotu Kola has no caffeine, and is not a stimulant.



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