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July 18, 2024
Ipriflavone Review & Information
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Ipriflavone Supplement Guide: Build Muscle The Natural Way

Ipriflavone Supplement Review and Guide

Note: The following discusses both Ipriflavone and Methoxy.

1. What is it and where does it come from?

Can you think of any supplement other than creatine that dramatically increases muscle mass, enhances strength, energy, and produces a leaner more muscular body? Such a quest has been going on for quite some time now. For some, anabolic steroids was the answer. These "miracle substances" inserted the super-potent male hormone testosterone into the body and the body reacted by recovering faster from workouts, building more quality muscle than previously thought possible, and causing fat to burn quicker.

Great, perfect - until the side effects came to light. This artificial testosterone caused more than just the muscles to grow. All the inner organs of the body also grew, causing "turtle belly". Not to mention other possible androgenic side-effects like sodium retention, acne, gynecomastia, aggression, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, palpitations, enlarged heart, virilization, cancer, decreased blood clotting ability, headaches, anxiety, depression, impotence, stomach aches, jaundice, muscle tears, enlarged prostate, premature hair loss, stunted growth, immune system suppression, insomnia, sterility, and anaphylactic shock just to name a few. Well, maybe anabolic steroids aren't the best idea after all. Darn?what else?

The search for a supplement that would produce the highly anabolic and sought-after steroid-like effects of faster muscle growth, recovery, and fat-burning, yet avoid the androgenic steroid-like side effects (acne, male-pattern baldness, prostate enlargement, etc.) has been an impossible feat... until now! Meet the Flavone family: 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone (Ipriflavone) and 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone (Methoxyisoflavone). These powerful anabolic compounds have just been brought to market by several pioneering companies. The results thus far are highly impressive to say the least. In fact, they may just be the sports supplements that everyone's been looking for!

These flavones were originally discovered and patented by a Hungarian company, which we'll discuss further in a minute. The funny thing is, other than researching the compounds and becoming very impressed by them, they just sat on them and did... well, pretty much nothing as far as marketing and making them available to the population. This mysterious compound that could have revolutionized bodybuilding over 30 years ago, instead was locked up with a patent that wouldn't expire until 1997. Luckily the work they did laid the foundation for what we have today! When the patent expired and researchers read the paperwork-what they found out was shocking! Not only did 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone and 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone increase protein synthesis and increase lean mass, but they also reduced body fat, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, promoted endurance, an increased state of vitality, and increased the body's ability to use oxygen! In other words, these are the perfect anabolic supplements - without the negatives of steroids!

2. What does it do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this?

Ipriflavone Supplement Review and Guide In a nutshell, methoxyisoflavone and ipriflavone are non-hormonal anabolic / anti-catabolic compounds. These powerful flavones have been shown to decrease cortisol levels, increase protein synthesis, and improve overall recovery from exercise. Wow!

In order to fully understand the power of 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, however; we must start with the first anabolic flavone compound to make big waves: 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone or Ipriflavone. This anabolic compound has been shown to have incredible results for rapid muscle growth on athletes, even though it has only been on the market for a short time. The lean muscle mass increase that people are experiencing on this is amazing! Chinoin (Hungarian pharmaceutical company), a leader in flavonoid research and knowledge, developed Ipriflavone in the early 1970's. The research was aimed toward finding a nutrient partitioning agent able to transport much needed nutrients away from fat (adipose) tissue and toward muscle (proteinaceous) tissue. During the journey, Chinoin discovered Ipriflavone not only did this, but more. The original patent does more than just raise eyebrows... it could make you fall out of your chair! The credibility of Chinoin's flavone research lies in this simple fact: it's much more difficult to get a U.S. Patent than to get published in a journal without an abundance of scientific proof.

*Right off the bat the patent outlines the flavone's ability to promote weight-gain and anabolism in it's composition.

*The results of the animal studies that were conducted are quite dramatic! For one thing, nitrogen retention increased (one of the primary actions of anabolic steroids), regardless of the species used. Add that nice attribute to the further finding that Ipriflavone produced no estrogenic side-effects and actually no negative effects in endocrine tissue at all, and you've got an extraordinary substance on your hands. The animals (rats, mice, chickens and so on), regardless of age, or dosage had no signs of changes in their endocrine systems. The animals just grew more muscular-with no negative impact on testosterone, testicular shrinkage, or aromatization-all possible anabolic steroid side effects. Verification of these finding was done when many of the animals were dissected. It was found that no androgenic side effects occurred, yet muscle tissue grew larger. The levator ani muscle (a large pelvic diaphragm muscle) went up in weight, while the seminal vesicles remained the same. If the seminal vesicles had changed, this would show androgenic side-effects, but there was no difference.

*The cortisol-suppressing action of Ipriflavone also impressed researchers. In fact, identical doses of anabolic steroids did not have as good of effects on cortisol suppression as did Ipriflavone. Basically, the cattle, pigs, rabbits, and poultry when fed Ipriflavone-enriched feed at a dosage of 2 grams per 100kg increased in lean body mass at an incredible 7%-20%! To put this in perspective, think of a 200 pound bodybuilder adding an extra 10% or so of lean body mass... 20 more pounds of muscle! The animals were given Ipriflavone for a period ranging from 1 to 4 months, while their diet was not changed. In other words, calorie intake does not necessarily have to be increased in order to maintain the gains in mass due to the increased efficiency in processing food.

*Another test was conducted to determine actual differences in strength and endurance in which animals were weighed down with an additional 3 grams per 100 grams of bodyweight in a swimming test forced to exhaustion. Over a 45 day period, calories were kept the same for both the Ipriflavone-consuming and non-Ipriflavone-consuming groups. The results speak for themselves: the animals on Ipriflavone were able to swim for 33 minutes longer than the untreated animals before going under for good! This conclusive experiment shows the incredible ergogenic effects of this potent anabolic compound. Ipriflavone dramatically increases endurance!
Ipriflavone Supplement Review and Guide

*Yet another study indicated the level of anabolic activity of Ipriflavone by measuring the effect on calcium and phosphate retention; minerals indicative of such activity. The dosage used was 20 mg per kilogram of bodyweight. Guess what? Calcium and phosphorus retention increased significantly.

*The human studies conducted with wasting patients showed an increase in lean body weight anywhere between 2 to 3 kilograms in merely a few weeks on Ipriflavone. The anabolic effects are apparently not confined to just animals, but are extraordinary in humans as well. The safety of Ipriflavone was confirmed on animals when mega-doses where given to them. Up to 4000 mg per kilogram were applied with absolutely zero side effects. Rather, they just gained more lean muscle!

*The final test was conducted on nitrogen retention because as you know, a positive nitrogen balance is the key to dramatically increasing muscle growth. The findings were based on the test results on the 20th to 30th day of the study. Nitrogen excretion was lowered by a considerable amount, confirming the power and anabolism of Ipriflavone!

Now that you've got an idea of the amazing anabolic power of 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone (Ipriflavone), you can really appreciate 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone (Methoxyisoflavone) because of the two super anabolic compounds-get this-the second is more powerful than the first. Studied during the same time period as Ipriflavone, Methoxyisoflavone's scientific data definitely impressed the government to justify issuing a patent for it. As it turns out, Methoxyisoflavone is perhaps the most potent legal anabolic compound ever-with no side effects! Some of the findings include:

*In the same levator ani test used for Ipriflavone, results confirmed that Methoxyisoflavone was more anabolic than both Ipriflavone and anabolic steroids! All the while, no androgenic side effects occurred whatsoever with Methoxyisoflavone.

*Again, regardless of species, lean body mass increased significantly within 30 days accompanied by an increased state of vitality; while producing no androgenic effects and no endocrine tissue alteration! In terms we can all appreciate, this compound has been shown to increase muscle mass and size, while also making you feel better.

*As with Ipriflavone, the human studies conducted yielded excellent results. Cortisol levels were reduced in wasting patients, while phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and nitrogen levels increased considerably. What does all this mean? Simple-More Muscle!

*From these studies, researchers have concluded that identical doses of anabolic steroids do not compare to Methoxyisoflavone in anabolism! Holy Cow! Consider the differences - both cause muscle growth, but with Methoxyisoflavone the androgenic side effects are non-existent.

What we've learned is that not only does Ipriflavone and Methoxyisoflavone work, but they work well - and not just for animals, for humans as well. What's better, these highly anabolic compounds work through different metabolic pathways, making them the perfect stack to take together! They work synergistically to produce even better results! The powerful protein synthesizing properties and nitrogen retaining effects can be amplified even further in this manner! Gain more lean mass, increase strength, recovery times, bone mass, and induce a greater state of vitality with these powerful flavones. All the while without worries of androgenic side-effects.

3. Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

Anyone who wants to boost their lean muscle gains should consider this breakthrough product! Flavones are even safe and effective for women. For males, if you're testosterone levels are in the normal range, which they probably are, and if you're diet is good, then these powerful anabolic flavones are definitely for you! Without a doubt, these are currently the bodybuilding supplement of choice. It's no accident that nearly every supplement company around is now producing their own ipriflavone and methoxyisoflavone-containing products. Results are a definitive, whether it will work mildly or extremely well for you is to be discovered... but one thing is certain?it works! Since flavones are not associated with deficiency, there are no symptoms, except not being as muscularly lean as you could be!

4. How much should be taken? Are there any side effects?

The recommended serving size of 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone so far is anywhere from 400mg to 800mg taken in a split dosage twice throughout the day (200mg - 400mg twice daily). Ipriflavone is recommended to be taken in the range of 250mg to 1250mg per day in divided doses.

5. What are some Awesome Supplements to Stack with these Flavones?

Methoxyisoflavone and/or ipriflavone work very well by themselves. However, if you really want to peak out your gains try stacking Methoxyisoflavone with Protein. Methoxy works incredibly well with protein because forces nutrients such as glycogen and protein into muscle cells. If there is no protein to use, it will not be as effective. So remember to take your Methoxy with protein for best results. A recent breakthrough that is similar to Methoxyisoflavone has just been released to the market by several pioneering supplement companies. The compound? Ecdysterone! Ecdysterone works synergistically with methoxyisoflavone to increase protein synthesis, maintain a positive nitrogen balance and keep your body in an anabolic state with no hormonal interactions whatsoever. Also, if you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally to the max, then try stacking them with ZMA. Make great gains!

Republished from Clayton South's Health Facts.

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