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July 18, 2024
L-Glutathione Review & Information
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L-Glutathione Supplement Guide:
Maintain A Healthy Immune System!

L-Glutathione Supplement Review and Guide

What is it and where does it come from?

Glutathione (C10H17N3O6S) is a tri-peptide - a protein - comprised from one amino acid of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. Glutathione is found and manufactured in every cell in the body but is found in highest concentrations in the heart, muscle tissue and the liver. Glutathione is critical for healthy immune system function.

Dietary sources of glutathione and glutathione precursors include meats, fish. fruits, vegetables, avocado, walnuts and asparagus. Glutathione precursors are also found in whey protein concentrate.

What does it do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this?

Glutathione is critical for the healthy maintenance of the immune system.

Glutathione helps the body fight almost any disease, because it is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain cellular health and helps prevent oxidative stress. Glutathione has been heavily researched, and the findings on this substance have been nothing short of amazing.

L-Glutathione Supplement Review and Guide Aside from being a powerful antioxidant booster and system detoxifier, glutathione helps produce, protect and repair deoxyribonucleic acid - DNA. In this protective role, glutathione boosts the immune system, thereby helping to power immune response.

Glutathione levels help protect the body from oxidative stress - and oxidative stress. Thus, glutathione levels are correlated with aging and physical function. One way to drastically increase glutathione levels, aside from consuming glutathione precursors, is through the ingestion of ascorbic acid - vitamin C - and l-glutamine and ALA (Alpha Lipolic Acid).

Glutathione is essential for immune system function and muscle growth, and any athlete who is glutathione deficient will suffer from decreased performance and a lack of muscle growth.

Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

Everyone can benefit from glutathione supplementation.

Studies have shown that adults who took glutathione had better health than those who did not. So, glutathione supplementation is especially important for this population.

Hard training is known to deplete glutathione levels. Thus, the hard-training athlete can benefit especially from glutathione supplementation and the enhanced recovery and muscle building results seen from its use.

Deficiencies of glutathione do not produce diseases, but low glutathione levels can accelerate the appearance of aging, can lead to functional decline and weaken the immune system.

How much should be taken? Are there any side effects?

Strictly adhere to label directions. No side effects of glutathione use are known.

Research has conflicted as to whether glutathione is effectively absorbed in human subjects but one study suggests that glutathione is best taken by letting a tablet dissolve in the mouth that is placed between the teeth and the inner cheek.

Glutathione pre-cursor supplementation should be avoided by persons with milk protein allergies, as well as those who have received organ transplants.

Republished from Clayton South's Health Facts.

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