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September 17, 2021
Nick Winter's RAW Bench Routine


light flat bench presses 4 x 5
use a poundage you could probably do 9 reps with - but do only 5!

partial movement:

bench presses 3 x 6
use a power rack. To determine how many inches you should lower the bar, lie on the bench with your arms completely extended and measure from the highest point of your chest to the wrist. Every 2 weeks or so lower the starting point for the partial bench press by one-sixth of your total arm length. If your arms are 24 inches long, divide that figure by six, which equals four inches. For the example, during the first two weeks lower the bar four inches from lockout, and the next two weeks lower it another four inches, for a total of eight..

lying triceps extensions 4 x 6
using an EZ-curl bar, lower it to your nose and extend. You might want to use elbow ace supports for this exercise, maybe even two on each elbow, because there's a lot of stress on the elbow joint.

Barbell shoulder presses 4 x 6
work up to two good sets with a heavy weight.


Nick Winters Bench Workout Routine Deads (alternate between regular deads and rack pulls every other week) 3 x 5

Bent over rows 4 x 8

Close grip lat pulldowns 4 x 10

Face pulls 4 x 10

Wednesday - off.


heavy flat bench presses

weeks 1-3: 4 x 5

weeks 4-5: 4 x 5

weeks 6-8: 3 x 3

week 9: 2 x 3

week 10: go for a max attempt

heavy flat bench supports 4 x 20 seconds

*Maximum poundages,…followed by incline presses using same protocol.

Static holds
Begin with 20 to 40 % more than your best maximum single effort in the bench press. The idea is to support the massive poundage at arms length with a very slight - at most - elbow bend for 5 to 20 seconds. When you can hold the weight for four sets of 20 seconds, it's time to add more weight. (both incline and flat) 2 sets 1 reg grip, 1 close

lying triceps extensions 4 x 6

partial lying triceps extensions 3 x 6
Again working within the confines of the power rack, adjust the flanged steel rods safety catches so you only have two or three inches to extend, or press, the bar to lockout. You can add variety to the movement by turning your palms either up or down and by alternating your grip width on each set so you work all three aspects of the triceps.

Bradford presses 4 x 6


Side laterals 4 x 8

Front raises 4 x 8

Preacher curls 4 x 10

Barbell curls 4 x 10


Squats 1 x 20

quarter squats 3 x 6
do these every other week, alternating with heavy squat supports! Use about 50 lbs more than you use on your regular squats to begin with and only go 1/4 of the way down. Don't lock your knees.

Hack squats 3 sets of 21's

Sunday - off


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