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July 18, 2024
R-ALA Review & Information
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R-ALA Supplement Guide: Purest Form Of Alpha-Lipoic Acid Available

R-ALA Supplement Review and Guide R-ALA is the purest form of Alpha-Lipoic Acid available. R-ALA's health benefits are almost limitless, with glucose disposal, strong anti-oxidant properties, and anti-aging benefits being only but a few.

R-ALA is a potent insulin-mimicking agent. It speeds the removal of glucose (sugar) from the blood, which accounts for the profound benefits seen by many. It also has growing reputation as a fat-loss supplement.

R-ALA is also crucial for energy production - it helps break down sugar for the production of ATP, the fuel used by cells to keep the body running. This activity helps to ensure that ingested carbohydrates will be used as fuel, and not stored as fat. Many people using R-ALA report higher energy levels for sustained periods of time.

R-Lipoic acid is the only form of lipoic acid that:

*your body synthesizes and can safely metabolize.
*is proven to significantly reduce inflammation, an underlying cause of aging.
*is proven to significantly increase your cellular and mitochondrial antioxidant activity for preventing mitochondrial decay. This effectively attenuates the reported increase in oxidative stress with aging.
*is proven to improve memory.
*is proven to significantly increase insulin sensitivity, enhance glucose transport, increase metabolic rate, and reduce the gain in body fat from aging.
*is proven to protect body fats against oxidative damage, chelate harmful metals, and help maintain a healthy heart.
*is proven to significantly increase or maintain levels of other antioxidants, including Coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione.

Republished from Clayton South's Health Facts.

Top 5 Selling R-ALA Products

1. BSN Cheaters Relief
2. ALRI Venom Hyperdrive 3.0
3. Nutrex Niox
4. Higher Power R-ALA
5. AST R-ALA 200







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