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Bodybuilding author Caleb Lee Born in Tokyo, Shin was raised in diverse cities across the globe, including London, New York City, Toronto, and various places in California. Growing up in an extremely athletic family, he was always passionate about fitness and competitive sports. When he was a young child, he ran track and field, and swam competitively, at a national and international level, for more than a decade.

Shin attended McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where he received his Bachelor's of Science degree in Biochemistry. After graduating, Shin was a varsity swim coach and stayed active in swimming and various other sports. He wanted to continue learning about the effects of sports and athleticism on the body, so he attended Palmer Chiropractic College West to become a licensed chiropractor. He specializes in soft tissue chiropractic medicine, specifically focusing on Active Release Technique (ART), an integral method in the athletic world.

Max Workouts After spending seven years focused on chiropractic medicine, Shin also became a sports conditioning coach. He's been training clients, including local athletes and triathletes in the Los Angeles area ever since. "I love interacting with people and helping them achieve what they never thought they could," he says. “No matter how big or small the goal, whether it's helping a client lose those last 10 pounds or improving their time in a triathlon, it's incredibly fulfilling to be a catalyst in helping them reach it."

Shin also feels compelled to educate the public on proper training and workout techniques. "Practicing as a chiropractor made me realize that there's a lot of misinformation in the public realm," he says. "I feel obligated to show people the right way to train and get results."

Shin is an athletic-style trainer, with a friendly demeanor that is inspiring to be around. "Shin is extremely knowledgeable and challenging, yet his workouts are really fun," says Level 10 Owner Meredith Miller. "I love working out with him because he's calm, cool and collected, yet pushes you to reach your fitness goals and gives you an amazing, memorable workout."

Shin lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife, Susan, and their dog, Peanut. In his spare time, he likes to train with his wife and work on various entrepreneurial pursuits.

Writer Shin Ohtake

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