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September 17, 2021
Bench Program by Mike Witmer and Ryan Kennelly


Week 1...Reverse band, 2 board, with shirt.

What the 2 boards do is take some of the stretch out of the bands, but still giving you the blast out of the hole! Work your way up in triples, until you feel you will miss, then hit singles.

With the shirt on, and reverse band, you will handle very heavy loads. The whole key is to get used to handling , heavy, heavy, heavy weight, then when you do a full range, the weight will feel like paper!

We did very high volume too, at least 11 sets, counting warmups! Then we did a tricep movement. Here is the key. Do movements that work that tendon that goes across your elbow. This is actually what locks weight out, not the big head of the tricep!

EXERCISES TO WORK THE BIG HEAD OF THE ELBOW: Dumbell, palm facing ext(8 reps) then some band pressdowns, for the endurance 3 sets of 20. Then a lat movement that mimics the bench take a pulldown bar, set it up on a cable

WEEK 2...3 board, with bands, using the same format. then assistance work

WEEK 3 take a break, do some raw, sets of 5, dont go to failure! Your central nervous system, joints, and mind need the break. Ryan said he goes 405 for 2 sets of 5, then hits the assistance work!

WEEK 4.....2 board with bands,,same format, same assit. work.

WEEK 5... 3 board with chains or bar weight

WEEK 6... start it all again!

Now for your DE or speed day! 40% of 1rm in a shirt. NO HEAVIER!!! It's actually better to go lighter! Do your 8 sets of 3, use bands for 3 weeks, chains, or bar weight for 3. Assistance after, light skull crushers, on the floor, 3 sets of 12, with 30 seconds rest, rope pressdowns, same, close grip inclines or dumbell inclines, light, just 3 sets of 12, getting a pump!Do some shoulder work like, dumbell laterals, or front plate raises, getting a good burn and pump! Thats it!

Some key points! Pick one day, do just back and biceps. Make all your lat work mimic the bench motion! Pinching shoulder blades, do 2 excercises. 4 sets of 6-8. face pulls 3 sets of 8, biceps, do a curling motion, then ALWAYS include hammer curls, these muscles are what controls the drop of the bar while benching!

Do 2 extra workouts a week, LIGHT! do sled pulling including a tricep movement, chest movement, lat movement, and face pull, Bands are good too!

Ryan has come up with it, learning from louie, JM blakely, and bits and pieces from everyone else! It took me into the 700s, Ryan into the 900s and my wife Christy past 405. I guarantee it will work.

Ryan Kennelly performing an 800 lb bench press


Ryan has his own book called the Kennelly Method. Have you heard of it? click here.


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