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January 28, 2023
Body Building Fitness Article

A Healthy Bodybuilding Lifestyle
By Dennis B. Weis the "Yukon Hercules"

Many young male and female bodybuilders sometimes assume the attitude that, because they are not actually physically ill and in bed, so to speak, they need not concern themselves with a proper eating plan and general health practices. I have known some bodybuilders to boast and brag of their ability to weather varied forms of dissipation and think they can continue this type of bodily abuse(s) indefinitely.

Don't be fooled. What your sow now, by sensible living, you will reap in your future with an abundance of vital health and strength. This is an eternal law, yet how few ever think about it!

It seems that there are many bodybuilders who openly ridicule the notion of giving any special attention to the selection of the foods they eat on a daily basis. They cling to the idea that only barbells, dumbbells, etc., are required to build muscle size and a powerful body. Yet when they fail to achieve the results desired, they become discouraged and quit training, sometimes all together. In thousands upon thousands of homes, weight training equipment lies idle, literally accumulating dust and sometimes rust, because their owners haven't the energy or interest to use them any more. Why does this happen? Simply because you can work with the weights as much as you like, using any high-tech training system you like, but it won't help you all that much if your daily, weekly, monthly, and year-around eating plan (or lack of a plan) consists of white sugar, salt, coffee, hot dogs, pies, and other such excuses for food.

If you expect to make serious gains, building your future health and strength, be intelligent, be fair to your body. How? By supplying your body with all it needs nutritionally, each and every day, and you will be giving it materials it needs for building muscles. Barbells can't build muscle size out of air any more than you can get power and performance from your car by putting water or sand in the gas tank.

Life as we know it in the 21st century is a constant struggle, but the bottom line is that it's still ruled by the law of "survival of the fittest." A big disadvantage I see in the high-tech living of the 21st century is that it is leading us further away from natural, healthy living. All the efficiency is spent on the machinery, and chemicals of a modern life and almost nothing on modern man. A good example of what I am talking about is the South Sea Islands where diseases were almost unknown many, many years ago until mankind brought "civilization" there. We in America can't escape this, but we must do our best at least to look after our personal health in every way. If you don't take care of your own body, it's pretty good bet nobody else can or will do it for you.

body-building-fitness When we have the radio and TV and billboards, newspaper, magazines, as well as tempting store displays, all urging us to dissipate by eating, drinking, or chewing a wide variety of unnatural food products, it's hard sometimes to resist. But this continued daily indulgence, added to the lack of fresh air, lack of sleep, bad posture, constant rushing, and a negative mental attitude, steadily saps our strength and vitality. These influences on a day-to-day basis may seem tiny and not apparently noticeable; when long neglected, they develop into a very large and looming influence indeed.

Resolve to avoid all harmful practices. Do not waste your money, your time, or your energy. Invest your money in the very best foods and in top-quality, result-producing vitamins and supplements. Invest your time in training and studying. Use your energy optimistically to grow, develop, progress, and improve. Be more careful to look out for your own welfare from now on; in the years to come, you'll be happy you heeded this advice.

I could go on with regard to a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle, but scope and space do not offer me the luxury of doing so at this time. In the future, I will provide an article entitled "Defensive Living" that will continue where this article ends. Until then, Stay flexed!

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