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New Bench Press Articles and NewsNewest Bench Press Articles

Brian Schwab's 12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench DVD
How to Increase Your Bench With These 7 Bodyweight Movements
The Bench Press: Flat Bottomed Shoes VS. Ones With Heels
Get Me Out Of This Bench Pressing Rut!
Using A Band Tension While Bench Pressing
So What Is The Real Answer To A Successful Bench Press Workout?
How To Increase Your Bench Press With Proper Technique
The BEST Way I've Found To Do Incline Barbell Bench Press
The Unbalanced Theory of The Bench Press
4 Mental Tricks To Increase Your Bench Press By 20%!
Fundamentals of the Bench Press Arch
How To Get More Speed Off Your Chest For A Huge Bench
How To Bench Press Correctly With Video
Jared Bachmeier Reviews The Single Ply Apex Bench Shirt
Never Enough Bench DVD
Perfecting the Flat Back Bench
Try Incorporating Speed Bench Press Workouts
Arch Your Back For A Bigger Bench!
Review Of APT's New Single Ply APEX Bench Press Shirt
Does Training In A Bench Shirt Make Your Raw Bench Weaker?
Ted Arcidi's Precision Bench Pressing Technique
Ballistic Bench Press Warm-Up
Building A Strong Bench Press For Athletics
Developing Pressing Power
The Kings Of Bench Film
How To Get Past A Bench Press Plateau
Joint Pain & Barbell Bench Pressing
An Advanced Bench Press Training Trick For A Bigger Chest
Jeremy Hoornstra Benches 260 LBS For 40 Reps
Schwab Bench Presses 600 at 165
Tips To Help You Bench Press More Weight
Funny "How Much Ya Bench?" SNL Skit
Ryan Kennelly Bench Presses All Time World Record 1050 LBS
Bench Press Considerations

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Supplement Articles and ReviewsNewest Supplement Articles

Heartburn And HCl Supplementation
Protein Powder - How Much Protein is Really There?
Tips For Choosing a Protein Powder
Andro-Shock Frequently Asked Questions
Why L-Tyrosine and What Does It Do?
Should I Use Anabolic Supporting Supplements?
Cheap Old School Supplement That Burns Fat Fast!
Hardgainer Supplement Tip To Build More Muscle
The Great Protein Lie!
Steroids Impact Every Aspect of Training
The Skinny Guy's/Gal's Guide To Glutamine
Caffeine and Performance Enhancement
The Benefits of Glutamine
The Skinny Guy's Guide To Protein Powder
A Shocking Protein Supplement Discovery!
Nitric Oxide Supplement Review - Boost NO Without Taking NO!
Beta Alanine Supplement Review
Protein Powder Basics And Beyond
The #1 Supplement Mistake That Will Sabotage Your Results!
2 Supplements For Better Performance “DOWN THERE”
5 Natural Testosterone Boosters
Fish Oil DOES Burn Fat, But Its NOT A Miracle
Which Whey Supplement Should You Buy?
Sarcopenia, The Undiagnosed Epidemic
Creatine Isn't Just A Sports Nutrition Supplement
Is Ephedrine Really A Health Hazard
Why Creatine Supplements Aren't Only For Bodybuilders
What Is The Best Creatine?

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Powerlifting & Strength Training ArticlesNewest Powerlifting & Strength Training Articles

Relaxing into PRs
Build Your Own Belt
The Home Glute Ham Raise
Gunslingers Host COB Basra Strongman Contest
Do I Need To Gain Weight To Gain Strength?
Q & A's for Author Eric Talmant
The Biggest Key for Building Strength
Strong In One Lift But Weaker In The Other
What Is Restoration During A Workout?
How Strict Should Your Exercise Form Be?
Pec-Poking Pain From This Chest Training Technique
Cable Gripping Trunk Twists For a TIGHT, Powerful, Rock-Solid Core
How to Feel Your Pecs Actually WORK When You Do Chest Training
Braced Leg Squats...A Compound Exercise
How To Do a Chin-Up If You've NEVER Done One Before
Dumbbell And Machine Squats
Advanced Training: Basic Sets, Step Sets and Wave Loading
Bulldozer Weight Training System Basics
Women: Avoid These Weight Training Mistakes
Signs Of A Weak Weightlifting Routine
Why Am I Not Seeing Results With My Weight Lifting Program?
Making a Hack Squat Machine in the Squat Rack
Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts
Are You Strong Enough?
The Principles of Progress In The Gym
What Is Your Training Operating System?
Re-evaluating the Practice of Training to Failure
Every Rep Counts
The Bouncing Stiff-Legged Deadlift
How To Find The Perfect Form For Power Cleans
7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Squat
A Guide to Speed Strength Training
Stone Training for Full Body Strength
Building Muscle and Grip Strength with Strongman Training
Sandbag Complexes for Developing Strength
Training with Russian Kettlebells, Thick Ropes and Sleds!
Carry Odd Objects To Build Strength

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Muscle Building Nutrition ArticlesNewest Nutrition Articles

Healthy Barbeque Recipes
How To Eat Healthy When Traveling
Don't Let Salads Fool You
Sabotaging Your Diet - Is It Ever Justifiable?
Causes of Severe Gassiness and How to Curb the Problem
Guide to Cooking Oils
Top Ten Foods You Should Eat Everyday
The Truth About Supplements eCourse
The Microwave May Be Eliminating Nutrients From Your Food
The Truth About Green Tea
Pasteurized vs. Raw Milk - Which is Best?
Imagine Never Having to Eat. What Would You Do?
The Role of Insulin in Muscle Gain and Fat Loss
Pasta - How Protein Rich Is It?
The Anabolic Cycle
Will Fruit Make You Fat?
A FRUIT That Pumps Up Your Muscles With Nitric Oxide?
How To Master Nutrient Timing For Faster Muscle Growth!
Gene Research and Nutrition
Q & A: Is Switching To A Vegan Diet Healthy?
Do Low Carb Diets Work Best For Burning Fat?
The Dangers of Splenda and Its Side Effects
Food allergy, Food Sensitivity, or Food Intolerance?
The Skinny Guy's/Gal's Guide To Nutrition
Fitness and Nutrition Information Overload And Contradictions
9 Easy-To-Make Muscle Building Growth Recipes
Can You Gain Muscle Weight Without Getting Fat?
All About Fiber
Can You Get Fat By Eating Too Much Protein?
An Intro To Metabolic Typing by Eric Talmant
An Intro To Sports Nutrition
Don’t Let This “Health Food” Make You Fat
Simple Sugars and Bodybuilding
What to Eat, Part 1
What to Eat, Part 2
The Importance for Athletes to Read Labels
How Omega 3's Help Trim Your Waistline
Cutting Calories - How Much How Often
Grapefruit - Does It Help Release Fat Stores?
Using Hot Peppers For Reducing Appetite
Is Real Sugar Better For You Than Refined Sugar?
Post Workout Nutrition Questions
We All Know What to Eat!
Mo Mendez Winner's Dinners
Enjoy Holiday Treats Without Fattening Up
What Is The Glycemic Index?
How To Achieve A Positive Nitrogen Balance And Why You Care
What To Eat To Gain Muscle

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Health and Fitness News and ArticlesHealth & Fitness Articles & News

The Importance Of Time In Your Workout
Hardcore Walking
Inflammation: What It Is and What You Can Do About It
When Workouts Don't Work Out
Your Body Should Be As Important As Your Hair
Megan Fox vs Angelina Jolie - Why Megan Is Hotter
The Cause and Solution to Belly Fat
BMI Myth Cracked
How To Do The Duck Walking and Jumping Exercises
GYMBOSS - A Timer Designed Specifically For Weightlifting
10 Ways To Use Your Workout Towel OTHER Than Wiping Up Sweat
Q & A: The Truth Behind Protein Synthesis When We Work Out
Research On Sex, Testosterone...And MUSCLE!
Can Metabolic Typing® Really Do All That?
More Testosterone DOES NOT Automatically Equal More Muscle and Strength
How Metabolic Typing® Can Change Your Life!
My Personal Journey on Building and Maintaining Optimal Health
Building Vibrant Health
Top 49 Things Learned about Health & Fitness
Health Advice from Elite Powerlifter Eric Talmant
How To Look Like A Female Fitness Model
The Female Athlete Triad: Could You Be At Risk?
Choosing A Gym - 10 Things To Look Out For
Learning The Muscle Fiber Types
My 10 Best Injury-Management Tips
EZ-DipT Belt Review
No Pain No Gain? How About No Pain With Gains!
Muscle Fiber Types - Which Type Do You Have More?
Scheduling Aerobics and Static Contraction Training
Tough Economy? Why YOU Really Need to Get Strong Right Now!
How Young Can You Weight Train?
How to Set Fitness Goals and Measure Your Success
Anaerobic Exercise Vs Aerobic Exercise - Which is Better For You?
The One Stretch That Can Help You Avoid Lower Back Pain
Diet Plan Saving Tips: Part 2
Before & After Fraud Photos
The 10 Minute Workout That KICKED My Butt
Is Intermittent Fasting Really The Ultimate Anti-Aging Diet?
Drink Water To Grow
The Exercise Enhancement Principle
ART Therapy - Active Release Techniques for Strength Athletes
P90X Workout Review

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Sports Training - Sport Specific ArticlesNewest Sports Training - Sport Specific Articles

Recovery Methods for Ultimate Speed, Strength, And Power
Quickness Workouts
Foot Speed Training
Quickness Training Drills
What Does A Rugby Player Have In Common With A Strongman Competitor?
How Does An Athlete Achieve Peak Performance?
Speed Training Program
Rugby Training
President Madison and the 2009 USAPL Raw Nationals
3 Leg Training Exercises for Skiers
Adaptations To Sprint Training
A Basic Primer on Endurance Training
Ankle Sprains for Basketball Players
What Is Basketball Speed?
Rotational Medicine Ball Throws
Speed and Acceleration Basics
Total Body Dumbbell Training
Combo Training for Soccer Players
Athletic Balance and Strength with Dumbbells and Physio Balls
Cones for Catlike Agility
Combine Box Jumps and Sprints for Explosive Acceleration
Hip Flexors AREN'T Evil...Do They Hold The Key to Faster Running Speed?
Plyometric for Athletic Power
The Westside Disease
4 Tips For a More Enjoyable Running Session
Lessons From Olympic Athletes Training
The Top 5 Mistakes Made By Basketball Players
A Look At The Sheiko Training Routine
Strongman vs. Power Cleans For Football - Part 2
How To Build Muscle, Olympic Style - Part 1
How To Build Muscle, Olympic Style - Part 2
Strongman vs. Power Cleans For Football - Part 1
Nomar Garciaparra's Baseball Core Routine
5 Big Reasons Why All Men Should Train Like Athletes
The Truth About D1 Football Walk-Ons

***Newest Sports Training - Sport Specific Articles***

Weight Lifting MotivationNew Workout Motivation Articles

Make Women Want Your Body
Think Success and Be Successful
Building Toughness
Socially Awkward Situations
Jersey Shore....W.W.S.D.?
The Real Secret To Achieving Your Bodybuilding & Fitness Goals
Weight Lifting Is An Exercise That Delivers Top Health Benefits
Get Out Of Your Weight Training Rut!
Release Your Inner Masochist
This Guy Called My Workouts Dangerous?
How Powerlifting Molded Me & Gave Me Purpose
Direct Relationships
The Can't-Fail Mass-Gain Triad: Eat Big, Train Big, Sleep Big
How Do I Get More Energy After Weight Lifting?
Make Plans For Your Daily Workout Routine
Stay Away From Negative People
Gym Time - Why Doesn't It Work?
Never Be Intimidated By the Gym Again!
Special Report: Outdoor Training Secrets
Intensifying Your Workout At the Playground with Bands and Picnic Tables
No More Excuses: At Home Workouts Using Dumbbells
What Are Your Goals? Are You Willing To Work Hard?
Racing Toward Red Lights Part 2
Why You Have Been Lied To & Who Is Responsible
Three Things I've Been Thinking About Lately While Working Out
Make Your Time Count and Get Results
How To Reach Your Workout Goals
Racing Towards Red Lights: A Real World Perspective On Apathy
Stronger Than Death - My Journey Back To Life Through Powerlifting
Advice For Your Hardgainer Workout
Stronger Bodies Yield Brilliant Minds

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Bodybuilding Muscle Building ArticlesNew Bodybuilding - Muscle Building Articles

Muscle Building Tips For Women
Defining Your Workout Goals
8 Tips To Gain Weight
3 Supplements To Help Gain Muscle
One Simple Movement Can Double the Effectiveness of Pulldowns
Avoid Muscle Soreness If You Want a Toned and Sexy Body
How To Strengthen The Rear Deltoids
German Volume Training Routine
Who Is Charles Atlas?
Bulking Up - You May Want To Think Twice
More Pain = More Gains
Get More Out Of Your Workout With These Supercharged Tips
Learn The Missing Link In Mass Building
New Moon's Taylor Lautner's Workout
The Key To Building Lean, Athletic Muscle
Feeding Cycles and Growth Hormone
True Blood's Ryan Kwanten's Workout
3 Muscle Building Workouts For Most Effective Muscle Gains
Build HERO Muscle
The Science of Muscle Growth
3 Keys to Muscle Building
4 Principles You Must Know for Muscle Gain and Permanent Fat Loss
Pullovers - A Forgotten Exercise That Can Add Inches Of Solid Mass To Your Chest
5 Shortcuts To Build Muscle Size
How To Achieve Your Muscle Building Goals
Bodybuilding Training Tip For More Growth Hormone Release
Incline Face-Away Pushdowns and Presses
Barbell Leverage Curls
On-Barbell Tricep Extension-Presses
Nilsson Curls - For Your Biceps
Build Insane Muscle with Power Training Workouts
Build Muscle Quick with This Explosive Technique
Quadzilla - Stop Walking on Stilts - Massive Leg Training
Back Off! A Killer Back Routine to Add Massive Muscle
The Essential How To Guide to Getting a Big, Powerful Chest
Massive Muscle Building for Your Biceps
Old School Chest Muscle Building Secret!
How To Create Mass With Muscle Group Isolation Training
Review of The Natural Size Program
Understanding Training Cycles for Maximum Strength
Easy Tips for Bodybuilding Bulking
The Crusher, a Bodybuilding Routine for Bodybuilders
7 Core Bodybuilding Exercises
Defeat Your Skinny Genetics
Learn How To Build Muscle In 4 Simple Steps
Want a Big Chest?
How To Build Big Biceps
How to Avoid Over-training to Maximize Muscle Growth
Review of Smitty's Accelerated Muscular Development Program
Swiss Ball Reverse Hyperextensions
Creative Applications of Circuit Training: Part I
Steps To Pack On POUNDS Of Muscle

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Fat loss weight loss abdominal articlesNew Fat Loss - Weight Loss - Ab - Cardio Articles

Fat Loss Without Gaining Muscle
Fasting and Weight Loss
What is Right Workout Intensity?
Count Your Way To Weight Loss
Focus On The Donut, Not The Hole
Who Said Being Hungry Was Bad?
Burn Fat And Lose Wight Quickly
One Dumbbell, Fifteen Minutes, Time Effective Fat Loss
Burn Fat Fast With The Triple M Method
Diet Properly
Simple Weight Loss Is Not So Easy
Metabolic Rate - How Do You Find It?
Less Body Fat = A Thinner, Sexier Face
Change Your Body To Change Your Life
Plan Calories By The Hour
Deliberately Lose Muscle Mass
Dieting Requires a Support System
Interval Training - Why It's Bettern Than Edurance Exercise
Get Ripped And Exercise Less With Fewer Calories
How A Body In Good Health Should Look
Low Carb Diet vs Low Fat Diet - Which One is Better?
Don't Let Your Weight Loss Be Ruined By Your Social Life
Traveling? How to Continue Losing Weight and Gaining Muscle
Toning Ball Myths
Fat Loss and Exposure to Cold Temperatures
Tips to Having a Body That's Above Average
Vacation or Special Event Coming Up? Learn to Lose Weight Fast
Is it Possible to Quickly Lose Weight Walking?
Fasting to Lose Weight is Really Powerful If Done Properly
How To Lose Belly Fat
Ways to Shred off Your Flab
How to Spot Reduce and Burn ONLY the Fat Off Your Stomach
How To Burn More Belly Fat During Exercise!
Why You MUST Be Inefficient For Maximum Fat Loss
The No Bull Guide To Losing Weight And Toning Up
Lose Fat and Get Ripped by Eating Big and Lifting Less
The 5 Top Exercises for Razor Sharp Abs
The Top 5 Dumbest Things People do to get a Six Pack
How To Get A Six-Pack - The Wrong Way!
The Skinny Guy's/Gal's Guide To Getting A Six-Pack
The Razor Sharp Abdominal Workout
Treadmills Beat the Heat and More
Weight Issues Cause People to Hide
Squats to Skyrocket Your Muscle Growth and Fat Loss
How to Burn Calories While You Sleep!
The One Mistake That's Keeping You on the Fat-Loss Plateau
Why Crunches & Sit-Ups Won't Get You 6-Pack Abs
Get Lean By Turning Off Your FAT Genes
3 Killer Bodyweight Workouts To Keep You In Shape
How To Get 6-Pack Abs
5 Reasons Why Aerobic Exercise SUCKS for Fast Weight Loss
Proven 5 Diet Tips For Flat Abs
Do You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?
Liver Detoxification - Why it Works to Slim Your Abs
Losing Fat is Like Draining a Swimming Pool
Acai Berry - Can it Help Flatten Your Abs?
How Your Abdominals Help Prevent Foot Pain and Shin Splints
Pooch Belly Syndrome

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Anabolic Steroid - Hormone Educational ArticlesAnabolics & Steroid Education Articles

Possibly The Most Important Hormone You've Never Heard Of!
The Difference between Steroid Abuse and HRT
Boosting Your Testosterone
Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone Bioavailability In Athletes - Part II
Natural Ways To Increase Testosterone Bioavailability In Athletes - Part I
Student Anabolic Steroid Statistics
Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids
Barry Bonds Steroid Use
What Are Normal Testosterone Levels?
Dangers Associated With Anabolic Steroid Use
How To Raise Testosterone Levels
The Pros and Cons of Steroids
Athlete Using Steroid Opinions
The Anabolic Evolution of Modern Bodybuilding
How To SkyRocket Your Testosterone Level

New Weight Gain Articles

How to Gain 70 Pounds of Muscle in 3 Weeks
The Skinny Guy's/Gal's Guide To Gaining Weight
Review of Critical Weight Gain Program
5 Powerful Weight Gain Tips
How To Gain Weight with One Exercise
Cartoon Weight Gain Contributing To Bigarexia
Primal Weight Gain - What To Eat To Gain Weight
Celebrity Weight Gain - How Do They Do It?
Gain Weight Fast With These Powerful Tips!
How To Gain Weight - Fast!
How To Gain Weight Fast
Gain 31 Pounds Before Football Training Camp (Part 3)
Great Weight Gaining Tips
Gain 31 Pounds Before Football Training Camp (Part 2)
Is Protein A Necessity For Gaining Weight?
Follow This Weight Gain Program
Healthy Weight Gain Diet
Ten Quick Tips For Building Mass
The Muscle Transformation of Brian Strider
The Ectomorph Puzzle
Skinny Kid With A Dream: My Bodybuilding Journey
Free Weight Gain Tips
Massive Muscle Pumping (Gain 25 lbs in 21 Days) by Dennis B. Weis

Fitness Professional Articles

Gaining Employment In the Fitness Industry and Obtaining Personal Trainer Certification
How To Open Your Own Warehouse Gym: Part 2
How To Open Your Own Warehouse Gym: Part 3
Get Personal And Start Learning Your Gym Members Names
Its Time To Figure Out What Is Most Important To Your Gym Members
You Don't Need Cheapskates At Your Gym
Are You Running A High-End or Low-End Health Club?
You, The Owner, Should Be The One Interacting With Your Angry Customers
Understand The Difference Between Busy and Productive In Your Health Club
Learn How To Buy The Best Equipement For Your Gym
Should You Sell Protein Shakes At Your Gym?
Hire The Right Staff And You The Owner Won't Have To Put In Long Hours
What Is The Right Temperature For Your Health Club?
How To Deal With Members Who Scream, Grunt and Slam Weights Onto The Gym Floor
Is Your Business Over-Staffed?
Don't Waste Your Money On Your Office At The Gym
Be A Successful Gym Owner
Pay More Attention To Your Gym Members And Your Numbers Will Increase
Get Organized With Your Company Corporate Membership Rates
You Are The Boss Of Your Gym....Start Acting Like It
What's The Best Music To Play Throughout Your Gym?
Do Your Gym Employees Know Their Job Descriptions?
Stick With Necessary Gym Equipment Instead Of The Fancy Stuff
How To Open Your Own Warehouse Gym
Review of the "No Discount" Guide to Fitness Marketing
Retain More Members In Your Health Club
Does Your Staff Uniform Matter?
Brand Vs. Direct Response Marketing
Does It Matter What Color Theme You Pick For Your Health Club?
Do People's Initial Reactions To Your Health Club Determine Your Success?
How To Instantly Increase Your Business By 20-40%
Should You Be Using Name Tags In YOUR Business?
What Is The Best Type Of Fitness Program To Use In Your Marketing?
How To Build Up A Strong Referral System
Using Social Media To Drive People To Your Health Club
10 Tips To Close More Sales On The Telephone

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UFC - MMA Fighting ArticlesMMA - UFC Fighting Articles

Interview with UFC All-star Rashad Evans
Build Muscle Like A Fighter
4 MMA Disciplines That Will Get You Ripped
10 Keys To Becoming A Great Full Contact Fighter
Matt Hughes UFC - PlyoMix Ultimate Fitness System


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