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March 30, 2023

Does Your Staff Uniform Matter?
by Brian Cannone

Does Your Staff Uniform Matter?

Although this may seem like something you don't need to put a lot of thought into, subconsciously people will associate the way your staff looks with the quality of your health club.

Because of that, I highly suggest taking a few minutes out of your day to not only read this, but to also take a close look at the uniform your staff is wearing to make sure it fits the following criteria:

  1. Matching Colors - Your uniform should have a very similar "look and feel" to the colors inside and outside your business. A very common color used for health clubs is blue because it gives a comforting feeling when you look at it, but having colors similar to the inside of your club is more important.

  2. Different Uniforms For Men & Women - You're going to want to get completely different fitting uniforms for your male and female staff. Why? Because you want the uniforms to fit your staff as best as possible and if girls are wearing guys shirts or vice versa, that simply can't happen. They're cut in different ways and will make it look a bit "strange" on your employees. This in turn will make them look more unprofessional, which is something you obviously don't want.

  3. Cheap Or Quality Uniforms - You'll obviously want to make your uniforms look as professional and high quality as you can. When prospects walk into your health club they want to see a high quality business, not a place where the uniforms are cheap and flimsy.

  4. Are They In Good Shape? - This is more of maintenance and not actually selecting certain uniforms, but you should be sure to have a strict uniform policy. Uniforms should always be pressed, cleaned with absolutely no stains, and full of color. When any of those criteria aren't met, the employee wearing the uniform needs to be told. Whether or not you want to pay for a new uniform is up to you.

  5. The Logo - Since your clients will be seeing your staff uniforms very often, you might as well put a little marketing into it right? Making sure the logo is very visible to your client will help cement your business into their minds and make them more likely to think about it (and talk about it) when they're not in the health club. Although this may only make a slight difference, every little bit helps. Plus, it will make the uniform appear more professional.

Picking a great looking staff uniform is something you shouldn't just gloss over - it's something you should think about carefully. Take your time and look at various designs and styles before picking out what you think would look best for your business, then choose complimenting colors to your health club, and you're on your way to highly effective uniforms!

Does Your Staff Uniform Matter?


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