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June 22, 2024
Supplement Spotlight: BSN NO-Xplode
by Zach Bashore

BSN NO-Xplode NO-Xplode is the only pre-workout supplement that produces noticeable results in strength, energy, performance, and training intensity. Within minutes of taking it, you will notice it working in your body, giving you strength and energy to perform at your highest potential. When taking NO-Xplode, you will also notice an improvement with mental focus, endurance, muscular work capacity, and an increased blood flow of vital nutrients to working muscle tissue.

The best part about NO-Xplode is that it contains no hormones. NO-Xplode`s blend of nootropics and methylxanthine energizes your brain and body with the most focused intensity possible. The complex blend of phospho-electrolyte replacers and glycerol hydrating polymers is a powerful magnet for protein, carbs, water, creatine, and muscle building nutrients into the muscle cells. This complex blend significantly increases the pump, fuels the body for an intense training session, replenishes lost electrolytes, reduces lactic acid build up, and overloads the muscles with vital nutrients for growth.

With the consumption of NO-Xplode, you may experience some of the side effects that have been reported. Although rare, you may experience stomach problems, diarrhea, and headaches. NO-Xplode can also increase you blood pressure, which means that severely overweight people should NOT use this product. Other consumers reported sexual dysfunctions, insomnia, and increased tension. If you have a history of any of these side effects, then you should consult your doctor prior to the use of NO-Xplode.

NO-Xplode is one of the best selling supplements on the market today, and for good reason. It actually works! One consumer on illpumpyouup.com had this to say about NO-Xplode:

"Out of all of the products out there (xpand, cellmass , v12 turbo, superpump 250, blitz cycle), this is by far the best there is. TRUST ME Im already on my 7th container and the results I get from working out with this stuff is phenomenal. My energy skyrockets everytime. I get more sets in and even more weight. It seems to work almost instantaneously. Give it 2-3 minutes, and BAM, the energy is there."

BSN NO-Xplode Description:

Immediate Muscle And Vascular Enlargement With NO Meta-Fusion!

NO Meta-Fusion is the core of NO-Xplode. It is the catalyst that makes the entire formula and its body altering and mind enhancing effects possible. NO Meta-Fusion opens the door to vaso-muscular enlargement by immediately ramping up and sustaining Nitric Oxide (NO) levels. NO widens the blood vessel, which in turn accelerates blood flow to the muscle. The result? Your veins will stick out like a garden hose and your muscles will be jacked up beyond belief. NO Meta-Fusion precision delivers a powerful blend of the new muscle volumizing creatine matrix that only NO-Xplode provides.

Instant Gratification With The Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix : No Bloat, No Stomach Cramps, No Fat Gain - Just Rock-Hard, Swollen Muscles!

NO-Xplode begins working within minutes!

The Inside Scoop:

Not only does NO-Xplode start producing results you can see and feel almost immediately, but it also doesn't require sugar to make it work. In contrast, other creatine products come loaded with fat promoting sugars. They can cause you to gain fat and appear bloated or ''puffy''. With NO-Xplode you'll never feel bloated, retain water, or get fat. Plus, your stomach won't have any problems absorbing it, which eliminates painful cramps or stomach discomfort!

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size (scoop) 1
Servings Per 40
Calories 36
Total Fat (g) 0
Cholesterol (mg) 0
Sodium (mg) 150
Potassium (mg) 75
Total Carbs (g) 9
Dietary Fiber (g) 0
Sugars (g) 0
Proteins (g) 0
Vitamin B6 mg 25
Vitamin B12 mcg 120
Phosphorus mg 500

Ingredient Details:

NO-Xplode Proprietary Blend: 20,500mg, NO Meta-Fusion (patent pending) (L-arginine AKG, Citral-M (citrulline malate), L-citrulline AKG, L-histidine AKG, RC-NOS (rutacarpine 95%), gynostemma pentaphyllum (95% gypenosides), NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix (patent pending) 2CM (dicreatine malate), Betapure (trimethylglycine), Glycovol (glycocyamine), GuaniPro (guanidino proplonic acid), Cinnulin PF (aqueous cinnamon extract), keto-isocaproate potassium...

Suggested Use:

Recommended Use On Training Days:As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 scoops with 8-12 oz. of cold water or any beverage of your choice 30-45 minutes prior to your workout (on an empty stomach). To achieve maximum results, avoid eating a meal or drinking a protein shake within an hour of taking NO-Xplode.


To avoid sleeplessness, do not take within 4 hours of bedtime. Taking NO-Xplode with food or on a full stomach will diminish its effects. Additionally, while taking NO-Xplode it is ideal to keep L-glutamine powder supplementation to 10 grams or under per day. Taking a product that contains ephedrine will also diminish the effects of NO-Xplode. See label for full warnings.

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