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February 27, 2024

Fat Loss and Muscle Building
Interrogation With Zach Even Esh - Part 2
By Zach Even-Esh

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Interrogation With Zach Even Esh - Part 2

Q - Tell us more about your backyard and playground workouts, Zach.

ZE – I’ll tell you, everyone laughs at me when they hear or watch how I train outdoors. But, I have a proven track record with myself and countless others when it comes to packing on muscle and burning off fat super fast.

People laugh at my picnic table workouts but this training tool is an awesome way to work circuits in for a full body workout.

Last summer I was doing one of my playground workouts and a new development of houses were built, some backing up to the playground. A guy had seen me training there several times through his back patio and one day he walked up to his fence and started asking me about working out.

He told me has been working out for over a year now with little if any results. He had dumbbells in his house and a stationary bike. When we got talking about his workouts they were way off target for muscle building and fat burning.

Fat Loss and Muscle Building Interrogation With Zach Even Esh - Part 2

Q - What were the mistakes he was making?

ZE – He was doing a lot of isolation exercises for his body using dumbbells. Exercises like standing curls, tricep extensions, concentration curls, seated shoulder presses and chest flys. These are not going to do much for building muscle.

He also would finish each workout with 30 – 45 minutes of bike riding in a steady state. He kept the intensity the same, there was no variation of speed or intensity which keeps the heart rate at a steady state.

For fat loss you definitely need to crank out intervals, so I told him to work hard for 30 seconds with a faster speed and a higher load and then go moderate to easy with speed for 30 seconds.

I also showed him dumbbell combo drills in place of his isolation movements to create “more bang for the buck”. Movements such as:

  • dumbbell curl and press

  • dumbbell curl, squat and press

  • thrusters (dumbbell shoulder squat and press)

  • 2 hand dumbbell swings

  • 1 arm dumbbell rows

  • 1 arm clean and press

I then showed him how to perform circuits at the playground which was right behind his house using the picnic table and the monkey bars and the benches. This guy was in his 40’s and after 6 weeks we saw noticeable improvements in muscle gain and he was 10 x stronger than we started. He also felt healthier and felt more like a “Man”.

Seriously, men don’t want to feel weak or inadequate, men want to be strong and it improves confidence big time which in turn carries over to other areas of their life. For this guy, he felt like a better husband and father and a better business owner!

You can’t beat that!

Q - What about your Underground training methods? Do those methods fit the bill with the REAL Man Fitness training?

ZE – REAL Man Fitness has a similar philosophy but not identical. We look at effort, intensity, basic movements, efficient training methods and getting the job done without fancy equipment or methods.

In REAL Man Fitness I don’t get into truck pushing, sled training or sandbags. But, I get into a lot of outdoor training so that might include stones, playground workouts, weighted backpacks, calisthenics, etc. Some of these men might be in NYC so stone training would not be the thing for them, but, they can load a backpack with books and so squats, push ups, lunges and bear crawls with the backpack!

They can perform heavy overhead dumbbell press, heavy dumbbell rows and power movements such as snatches and high pulls, all of which add muscle and strength!

Stay tuned for part III of our REAL Man Interrogation with Zach Even – Esh.

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