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February 23, 2024
Gaining Muscle Mass
By Big Al Fortney

Gaining Muscle Mass Most everyone who works out wants to gain muscle mass. Gaining muscle mass takes on a very different meaning for very different people. Some people want to have bigger muscle, such as bodybuilders. Other people want to gain muscle mass in order to lose body fat.

There are still others who want to increase their bone density. Building muscle mass does not necessarily mean that you are going to look like a bodybuilder. I have head many people in the gym state that they want to "tone" and not build muscle. In order to "tone", you must build muscle, as more muscle burns fat plain and simple.

Your body, more or less, is predisposed to building a certain amount of muscle. In addition, your body carries various types of muscle fibers which dictate how much muscle you can build. (These fibers dictate what activities you should participate in to be most successful).

For instance, sprinters and football players carry different muscle fibers than a marathon runner or cross-country skier. Nonetheless, everyone has the ability to build more muscle. Science and nutrition have come a long way over the past decade.

The first key in building muscle is to pay attention to your diet.

You have to eat more calories than what you burn off. Eating a good breakfast consisting of a high protein meal is the start.

  • Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle. You should eat 1 to 1.5 grams per pounds of lean muscle mass to support muscle growth. Protein supplements are an easy way to do this. It is also important to eat carbohydrates, as they are the body's first source of fuel.

  • Carbohydrates give you energy to for those hard workouts. Carbohydrates such as rice, oatmeal and potatoes are good examples.

  • Fats also plays an essential role in building muscle mass. Don't be afraid to eat them. Healthy fats found in fish and peanut butter play an important role in hormone production. You will also find yourself in a better mood, as well. Remember to drink plenty of water. Dehydrated muscle takes longer to repair itself.

The second key to building muscle is weight training.

Simply put, if you are serious about gaining mass, then you need to use serious weight.

  • Using heavier weight and lower repetition sets, such as 6-8 reps, puts more stress on the muscle and nervous system. This added stress stimulates more muscle fibers resulting in muscle growth.

  • The best exercises to do are multi-joint exercises, such as free weight bench press, squat and dead lift. These three exercises should be the core movements of your workout.

The third key is using nutritional supplements.

  • Vitamin C is an important vitamin. It helps to protect against damage to inflamed joints, cell damage and aides in muscle recovery.

  • I believe in taking multi-vitamins daily. This is a fail-safe step. It is important to make sure that you are not deficient in any vitamins for maximum gains.

  • I also recommend using creatine. This supplement causes fluid retention within the muscle creating extra energy and leverage to lift heavier weight.

  • Protein is the key to building and repairing muscle. Incorporating whey protein into your diet is an easy and effective way of helping you to add 1 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass per day. This is also a very good source of protein to use post workout when you want to replenish you system right away. I use Eclipse Deluxe Whey. One shake is an easy and delicious way to add 40 grams of protein to your diet.

  • The one other product that I have had good luck with is Clomitrol by Eclipse, a non-prohormone testosterone booster. It contains a blend of minerals to optimize testosterone production and a herbal combination of Tribulus and Avena Sativa to promote free or active testosterone.

Building mass is not a complex undertaking nor is it something to fear. It is healthy for all individuals to build muscle. You have to examine and decide what your goal will be.

Whether it is bodybuilding, power lifting, specific sport performance, losing fat, or building stronger bones, the steps to reaching your goals are pretty much the same.

Granted the road that a power lifter takes to squat 1,000 pounds is varied from the road a person trying to lose body fat takes, but it is the key steps that are the same.

It is important for all individuals to maintain a proper diet that is rich in protein, weight train with a goal at hand, and supplement your diet with proper nutritional supplements.

Our genetics are responsible for the most part as to the amount of muscle we carry and the activities that we are best suited for. However, we can manipulate our genetics to optimize our performance and reach our desired goals.

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