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June 22, 2024
Is Hoodia - the New Wonder Weight Controller?
by Geoff Morris of www.weight-lifting-routine.com

Hoodia Plant It may come as no surprise to you, but hundreds of millions of Westerners are now clinically over weight. If you spend any time in America, you only have to go to any of the hundreds of fast food chains to see why this is such a problem; both the portions and the customers are getting way too big! And many parts of Europe and especially the UK are following fast on their heels.

Now, many visitors to weight lifting and body building sites are not particularly obese, but many of them are looking to reduce their body fat to its minimum while at the same time building up quite striking muscle tissue. They are well aware that to really rip and shred those muscles you have to be very lean already, since you can't sculpt fat!

But of course, the other side effect that haunts bodybuilders, is that the minute they stop their exercise routines - for whatever reason - they worry that they will just pile on the pounds and so they often do.

So, body builder or not, here is a major problem for a load of people - how to control your weight whatever sort of lifestyle you deem to follow. Now, not many body builders have secret lives as couch potatoes, but sometimes it is good to relax and enjoy life.

If you look at a number of health-related problems facing society today -smoking, sex and obesity, are way at the top of the list. More and more of us are turning to drugs as a cure-all for our little (or big) problems.

Viagra has done a brilliant job to help impotence, and a combination of legislation and drugs has helped to reduce smoking. But millions - no trillions - have been spent on the war against obesity, with very little impact….until now.

In one of the most inhospitable parts of the world, in the Kalahari Desert, there is an ugly looking, foul tasting cactus plant called the Hoodia. As wild life is scattered across miles of inhospitable desert, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari have tended to use two natural drugs to make their lives more acceptable while on long extended hunting trips. Marijuana helps to offset long periods of boredom, but more importantly when they go on these hunting forays, they have been eating parts of the Hoodia cactus to suppress their pangs of hunger and thirst

Although there are over 20 species in the Hoodia family only the Hoodia Gordonii plant contains a natural appetite suppressant

When some South African scientists began doing some routine tests on this plant, they discovered a previously unknown sort of molecule, to which they gave the name P 57. This was then synthesized into a drug that emulated the Hoodia effects on appetite and thirst suppression.

P 57 - Not a very exciting name, but one which is going to have a massive effect on the lifestyle of millions of obese Westerners, and those living from one diet to the next, in the hope of finding the elixir of slimness.

The licence for this product, originally researched by a Cambridgeshire company, has now been purchased by the giant Pfizer Corporation.

Now as usual, if you buy products like this off the web, you have to be very careful to buy certified products. After all, when Viagra was released, a whole plethora of cheap imitation products flooded the market, almost destroying the real drug's true benefits.

It is important that only 100% pure South African Hoodia from the Kalahari Desert is used for the best effects of this wonder drug, and the only way to ensure you have the real thing is to look to see if your supplier is displaying the certificates to prove it.

Don't be surprised if the next fast food chain comes in the form of flavored Hoodia burghers - mind you - they won't sell many as the appetite won't be there…

If you would like more information on this fantastic fitness product, pop into our web site, and look at the special deals we have on at the moment promoting this wonder drug. http://www.weight-lifting-routine.com


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