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February 28, 2024
James Bond and Body Building - what's the connection?
by Geoff Morris of www.weight-lifting-routine.com

James Bond and Bodybuilding Ever since Ian Fleming's fictional character slammed onto our big and small screens, feats of impossible physical activities have been performed by a whole succession of different actors playing this lead role - whilst at the same time looking cool, calm collected and incredibly sexy.

But - what has this got to do with body building - or more particularly, body sculpting?

Apart from Sean Connery, who was a body building champion way back, none of the others have been that enamoured with body building as such, relying on the suave clothes and expensive hand tailored suits to make the slick macho image.

However, the latest in this long line of actors to play this role is Daniel Craig, pictured in a recent copy of the Daily Express, looking quite a picture with a magnificent, rippling 6-Pack.

But, last October his physique was nowhere like the macho image it is today.

So, how is such a noticeable physical change carried out? To many people, they just associate weight lifting with people determined to spend their lives pumping iron, with no particular end result, except to get more and more muscularly defined.

But, when combined with specific training routines, dietary requirements, and a lot of will-power, weight lifting can be very successful in enabling body sculpting to be carried out.

Many an actor has used this technique when adapting to a new acting role and it would seem that the nouveau James Bond is no exception.

But what sort of routine is required to carry out this physical character change, and how long does it take?

To start with, real serious motivation, determination and concentration are a pre-requisite. Most of you who start off down this path try real hard but you just have too much going on already to really devote yourself to this rigorous task.

Bodybuilding is a very serious and complex business. You just can't pick up the dumbbells, sweat a few pints, do a few lifts and achieve a physique of the style you desire. Hey, if it was that easy you'd be there already. No, it's much, much more than that. It's practically a science, and there-in lies the problem.

How can you research, develop and carry out an evolving and responsive training , eating and supplements plan, in addition to everything else in your life - Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Family, Partner, Kids, Dog, Life, Work, Beerů

If you are serious about changing your body shape, losing weight, and defining those muscles so that your body is something to be admired, not hidden, then I would seriously recommend that you have a look at the 12 week diary of an expert, that is laid out in our feature site at


This site is based around a true 12 week diary of events that Ryan Joyce undertook to prepare himself for the AST Bodybuilding Championships in 2001. The events have been carefully scrutinized and monitored by other experts, to ensure that anybody taking on this challenge will not suffer any physical harm. In fact, Ryan actually suspended some exercises during the trial due to excessive muscle pains in his shoulder - a reminder to all weight lifters that to ignore your body warning signs is a real mistake.

The diary of events as followed by this keen body sculptor is not something to be taken on by the faint-hearted. In fact, it should not even be attempted by anybody that does not already have a good grounding in the type of exercise laid out in the Diary, and who also understands the effects and symptoms that nutrient manipulation, lowering calorie intake during heavy exercise, and the effect that low blood sugar may have on a body working under very hard physical workouts.

It is a combination of cardio and weight exercises, diet control, and actual nutrient manipulation to ensure maximum body fat loss, and also the clearest of muscle definition.

The book guides you through not only Ryan's physical state during his very testing time, but also gives a guide to his mental state, and how he coped with a rigorous diet of nine structured meals a day, and the stresses and strains of trying to incorporate an already busy schedule of college work and exams, as well as actually training body building clients, all at the same time.

A lot of Ryan's success in completing the challenge was down to very clearly defined goals on his part, and a determination to succeed in his objectives. Encouragement from friends who helped train with him, and of course, the use of a specific day a week to examine and photograph any major body shape changes, played a great part in the successful completion of his challenge.

A lot of the nutrients that Ryan used during his challenge are also listed, and a range of suppliers have been identified so that the best source of supply could be identified.

By following part or all of these guidelines, and rigorously sticking to the routines outlined, it is virtually guaranteed that you WILL sculpt your body into a thing of classical beauty, whatever the physical material that you started out with!

Why not rise to the challenge, and prove us right?


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