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November 29, 2023
Learn About Muscle Fiber Types
by Steve Gwillim

What you are about to read... is going to take you behind the science of muscle fibers, the 2 different types you should know and applying this knowledge to make the biggest gains in strength and size then you ever thought possible. A very powerful muscle gain tip that will really open your eyes.

The first thing you need to know is that there is two types of muscle fibers. After applying this knowledge, you will ensure yourself some quick and great success in the gym.

For determining your reps and sets in a workout, you must look over yourself first. You must look at the physical make-up of your muscles first are foremost. This can be determined by knowing all about fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. Lets go over slow twitch fibers first.

Slow twitch fibers

Slow-twitch fibers are muscle fibers that are used more when compared to the rest. Your legs are full of slow-twitch fiber because you are on your feet much of the time. Another name given for slow-twitch fiber is endurance fiber because they have been forced to adapt via being used so frequently and that is why it is harder for them to grow.

Everyone's muscles grow at different rates for 2 reasons; genetics and muscle usage. (In other words, some people use their muscles more than others.)

Some people are just genetically proportioned differently then other people. This makes it harder to grow certain muscle groups.

Learn About Muscle Fiber Types

For example, some people, no matter how much they train their chest, all that seems to grow is their triceps and shoulders. This is because their body is designed in such a way that it is very hard to put a couple inches on the chest.

Then there are people who use their muscles more when compared to other people. For example someone with a cushy desk job would have less slow-twitch fibers than the person in construction because they obviously use their muscles more. This would be of course if they didn't train or do any other physical demanding activities.

So you have to ask yourself¦ What muscles do you use the most? What sports do you play and what muscles are used the most during play? Where do you spend most of your time, and what muscles do you strain in those different places?

Like your chest is used in almost all arm movements throughout your day, and therefore it is loaded with slow twitch fiber.

Fast Twitch Fibers

Fast-twitch fibers are then obviously easier to grow because they are used less. When you are working out it is like they are being challenged for the first time. That is the reason why people see the most gains with these muscles when they first start working out.

They will need lower reps per set when compared to your slow-twitch muscles. Understand?

That's why when most people start training they have a lot of fast-twitch fiber gains and they make the most gains in the first months.

They keep the same rep, rest time and set amount and can't understand why they cannot grow like they did when they first started. Implement these muscle gain tips and you will see amazing results.

Your muscle fibers become more slow-twitched and experienced while you train and therefore your set and rep amounts need to be increased while your rest time between sets needs to decrease.

Let me say that again, the more experienced and slow-twitched your muscles get you will have to gradually increase your set and rep amounts and also decrease the rest time between sets.

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