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June 24, 2024
Think Muscle
by Shawn Lebrun

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between a real event and a make believe event.

What this means is, if you begin acting as though you have the ideal body of your dreams, soon enough your bconscious mind will begin working to realize those actions and will begin creating the picture you hold to be your ideal body.

Act as if you're already as muscular as you want to be, act as though you have all the energy in the world, and act as though your self-confidence is soaring through the roof.

Begin to act as if you've already accomplished the goals that you've set for yourself.

The reason this step is important is for you to start feeling the awesome feelings youíll have permanently if you achieve the goals you've set for yourself.

If you act as though you're already muscular, your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between whether or not you are or are not.

Think MuscleThe more you start flooding your body and mind with feelings of energy, strength, confidence, joy, happiness, and other positive feelings, youíll begin to link pleasure with this entire process.

When you begin to act as though something imagined is real, you start to gravitate to those feelings and the actual accomplishment of those goals.

I know that sounds a bit foolish, but itís true. In fact, itís a proven fact that if you believe something to be absolutely, undeniably true for a long period of time, you can actually convince yourself that it is true.

For example, studies have been done with the lie detector (polygraph) machine in which theyíve tested people telling the truth and also people telling what they knew to be lies but that they believed strongly that it was the truth.

The polygraph machine could not distinguish between the two readings, of the group telling the truth and the group telling lies.

The people that were told to absolutely believe what they knew was not true had the same readings on the lie detector as the people actually telling the truth.

So what does all of this mean.

You can talk yourself into believing anything. So why not talk yourself into feeling, acting, and being lean and muscular.

Sooner or later, by acting that way, your brain will seek out and begin to take the necessary steps to actually accomplish that goal.

Think MuscleAs much as this seems like mental hogwash, its a simple fact that if you begin to act with absolute conviction that something has happened or is occurring, your brain cannot distinguish if it really did happen or not.

Hey, if you like the feelings you get from having a rock-hard physique, why not become more muscular?

Just because you've identified what you want doesnít mean you're done there. Are you totally convinced you can achieve it?

Have you made the leap from knowing what you want to believing it's within your reach?

In fact, you can identify the fact that you want a new job, but until you choose to go after one, you will not put forth the conscious effort.

Even after I had identified the fact I wanted to enter a show, I had to make the choice to go all out for this specific show and commit to the rigorous training and dieting that it would entail.

It wasnít enough just to identify that I wanted to do this show and win, I had to choose to go after it with everything I had.

I chose to stick with an insane diet, I chose to put my workouts ahead of any social time, I chose to do anything and everything I had to do to give me a chance to win this show. I had now made the conscious choice to go after what I wanted.

Identifying what you want is not enough. You must choose to go after it, to start the chase.

So once you begin acting like you have the muscle mass you want, you have to take action and do those things that will create it in reality.

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