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February 9, 2023
Weight Lifting Workout Programs
by Ben Tatar

Weight Lifting Workout ProgramBelow you will find condensed weight lifting workout programs for the overtrainined lifter, out of shape lifter, lifter seeking size, the busy lifter, and for the beginner.

Program For The Overtrained Lifter

For the overtrained lifter- Perform body weight exercises such as dips for 50, pushups for 100 and pull-ups for 50, with as many sets as it takes for you to hit these numbers. Also, if you don't want to use body weight exercises just lower the reps or take the season off all together. One of the best lifts for the overtrain lifter is perhaps a speed bench and then a couple sets of rack lockouts and then be done! Go hard when you must with strength, but also back off when you don't have to.

Weight Lifting Workout For The Out Of Shape Lifter

Do some sled pulling, ball throws, walk and get yourself into shape. Even top heavy weight powerlifters will perform better when they have some level of optimal fitness.

Workout For Size

Perform more full range of motion movements, such as military presses and greater amounts of training volume. Just make sure you get your recovery. Generally, the best way to put on size is to train 2 muscle groups and just hammer them!!!!

Program For Those Who Can Only Train Once Per Week

Choose a maximum effort exercise (floor press, 2,3 board presses, incline or reverse band press). Switch them weekly. Then perform top end work, between rack lockouts or 4 or 5 board presses. Then low end work, 3-5 sets of 8-12 of dumbbell flat, incline or floor presses. Then finish off with intense lat work.

Workout For The Injured Lifter

just pump your muscles up while recovering, perhaps do a speed day (cautiously) and maybe some heavy tricep work, if it doesn't interfere with the injury. This shall add mass and help you with your recovery process.

Weight Lifting Program For Beginners

First, pick an exercise and go to a max single or triple. Then 2 assistance exercises for 3 sets until failure or 5 reps, switch it up, depending how your body feels. Perform this early on and once you discover what works/ doesn't then you can increase the volume or whatever you find that your body responds best to.


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