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May 19, 2024
Weight Loss Holidays
by Shawn Lebrun

Well, it's that time of year that most of us either love or hate (or a little of both).

The holiday season is upon us and although you may be likely to pack on some pounds during this time of bountiful food, with a little planning, that doesn't have to be the case.

Below you'll find some simple tips from personal trainer and fitness expert Shawn Lebrun that will help you stay thin through the holiday season.

1. Nibble on food throughout the day.

If you graze and snack on a little here and there all day, you will not build up that chance to be extremely hungry.

Instead of eating one large meal, which ends with an unbuttoning of the pants to let your extended stomach go free, try having 2 or 3 smaller meals throughout the day.

Not to mention, eating smaller snacks throughout the day keeps your metabolism burning faster.

Two or three hours before the "sit-down dinner, snack on some fruit, some carrot and celery sticks, or any other lower calorie foods. Then, when it's dinner time, you won't be as hungry.

2. Skip the gravy, dressings, and high-calorie condiments.

Weight Loss HolidaysIf you're cautious about calories but still want to enjoy the main Thanksgiving feast, skip the gravy and fatty dressings.

If the turkey is too dry without some type of sauce, use ketchup or a low-fat gravy. Many times, the dressings and condiments are worse culprits than the foods you put them on.

3. Eat more vegies with your meal.

Instead of loading up the potatoes and stuffing, choose to have more vegetables with your turkey.

On a calorie basis, you're better off eating a larger serving of veggies than you are carbs like potatoes, rice, stuffing, or bread.

4. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

This will help with hunger throughout the day. Water is a great appetite suppressant and if you're constantly sipping all day, you will not find yourself starving.

Weight Loss Holidays5. Go outside and be active

Sitting around the house all day watching T.V., smelling the food cooking will keep you salivating and your stomach growling.

Take a pre-dinner walk with the family or the dog. Go to the park, watch the kids play ball. If you're really motivated, go for a jog/run before dinner or later in the evening.

Being active will not only help burn off more calories than sitting in front of the tube, it will also keep you from being in "eating mode" from the kitchen aromas.

6. Have a smaller dessert

Don't skip dessert, just moderate it. Have a small sliver of pie with a larger serving of Fat-Free Cool Whip or other non-dairy topping.

Again, my feeling is to enjoy yourself and eat a little of anything you want. The holidays are not a time to feel deprived. They are meant to be happy, spending time with friends and family.

If you're dedicated to being in shape, one day will not ruin your results.

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