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February 28, 2024

Miscellaneous Workout Tips, Part 1
By Mo Mendez

Miscellaneous Workout Tips, Part 1

There are several other elements of training for muscle mass that can assist you in attaining your goals more quickly. While none of these elements are "miracles," they are effective and will bring about positive change. When you put all of the "extras" together you will build massive muscles.


Another training tip that ties in closely with stretching is posture. You can add immediately to the appearance of your physique (yes, even the size) by your posture. Or you can detract from your physique with poor posture. Picture a person with a very muscular physique, who walks around stooped over in a hunch-back position. The shoulders are rounded, and the chest is fallen. The arms sag. What do you first notice when you see this person - their muscles or their poor posture? Most likely you will first notice their poor posture. Great posture adds to your appearance; poor posture detracts from it. This is as simple as it gets, but it is amazing how many people either don't know this or just don't practice it.

Miscellaneous Workout Tips, Part 1

If you want to instantly look better, simply adjust your posture. Throw your chest forward, and your shoulders and back out. Balance your shoulders horizontally. Keep your chin up slightly. Pull your waist in and keep it there. When you sit, sit "tall." Breathe correctly. Carry yourself with some dignity and respect. Of course don't overcompensate and prance around like a rooster, but do make a conscious effort to improve your carriage. Make good posture a habit. Don't let your physique be detracted from by poor posture. Practice controlling your posture and your body will really benefit.


Another pitch needs to be made for water. Remember, your muscles consist of more than 75 percent water. You need a lot of water if you want to put on body size. Water is the transporter for many of the actions that the body carries out (both directly and indirectly). Keep drinking water until you are almost sick of it. The only time to hold off is during meals (to allow for better digestion). Otherwise, drink water like crazy. Take in 1 or 2 gallons every day, and get a bit more on the days that you work out. Over a period of time you will start to notice a positive difference in many ways.

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