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February 23, 2024

Massive Muscle, Part 1
By Mo Mendez

Massive Muscle, Part 1

Massive muscles - they are the essence of bodybuilding. Everyone has muscles, but not everyone has awesome muscles. That is because large, awesome muscles don't come easily - it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and intelligent strategy to build a "buff" body. Building a massive body is an art and a science.

The Right Stuff

Anyone can make their body bigger, right? Just triple your caloric intake and you can get huge. Yes, this approach will make you huge, but you will be made of fat, not muscle. And fat is not pretty. In fact, fat is one of the most despised aspects of physical life. Terms such as "fatso" or "thunder thighs" are not particularly pleasing to anyone. So getting big by stuffing your mouth with whatever you want to eat is not the correct approach to putting on muscular body size. The "right stuff" is muscle size, not fat size. But if you don't watch what you eat, the size you gain will be fat. Rich Gaspari, sometimes called bodybuilding's most muscular man of the 1980s, notes the mistake he made when first moving to Southern California; he ate too much at fast-food places and it caused problems for his physique. Even when you are getting bigger, you have to watch what you eat.

Body Size vs. Muscle Size

One mistake that many people make when trying to add size to their body is to overlook the primary factors involved. The most pertinent factor is the difference between body size and muscle size. There can be a great difference in the body composition of two people who weigh exactly the same amount. A man may weigh 210 pounds and have 7 percent bodyfat, 19-inch muscular arms, and a 33-inch waist. Another man may weight 210 pounds, have 22 percent bodyfat, 15-inch arms, and a 40-inch waist. The composition of the body mass is extremely important. Two hundred pounds of gold looks quite different than 200 pounds of pudding.

Massive Muscle, Part 1

Another factor that figures into this concept is the functionality of the bodyweight. The man who has 22 percent bodyfat is most likely not going to be as fit as the man with 7 percent bodyfat for obvious reasons. For the most part, fat is useless. The body does need fat for certain body functions, but that amount is small, and most people have an excessive amount on their bodies. Most North Americans are overweight, and other nations are catching up. The trend seems to be headed in the wrong direction.

The main focus when putting on more weight is to ensure that the weight is muscle. The primary means for putting on muscle size is weight training and a specific dietary approach. Weight training along with a specific nutritious diet is the most effective manner in which to increase muscle size.

Specific Weight Training

Weight training will pack muscle on the human physique like no other endeavor on this planet. However, you can more effectively put on muscle size with a specific "type" of weight training. That is, you can increase the rate at which you get more muscular and massive with a precise training plan. Weight training can be targeted for many results -speed, strength, endurance, and body size. To quickly and effectively make your muscles larger you need to work with a specific weight-training program. In the initial stages of training, almost any type of weight training will produce results. However, your body will slow down and eventually cease to react beyond a maintenance-level response.

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